Samantha Whates

Staying a while longer with the Wonderfulsound collective, due to arrive first day of November (today in fact though confusingly enough, we did pen this three or four days ago), ‘waiting rooms’ from Samantha Whates from off which, so far at least, ‘old coat’ has been detailed with attracting casual earlobes. Sitting on the Nancy Wallace side of the fence, that’ll be a youthful Nancy Wallace via her initial recording appearances on Hobby Horse. A becoming cut, what you’d call a slow burner, which despite its intimately drawn mellowing folk rubbings is brushed with an acutely subtle noir jazz flowering that snakes, saunters and slinks amid a coolly fragile framing whose rustling rhythms, are charmed with an autumnal airy. Letting curiosity get the better of us, we’ve revisted the bandcamp page, wherein the whole album is now available for listening, which after a quick little delve of, has unearthed the quite adorable ‘Daylight Savings’ whose delightful festooning of a jaunty recorder adores the cut with an irresistibly delectable and playful floral wistfulness all tingled with an affectionate lightness and longing.

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