dream division

Sold out of its limited 50 only self financed lathe cut press, a tribute of sorts by Dream Division, a covers set featuring reworked hauntings by Bruno Nicolai, Fabio Frizzi and Riz Ortalini. These live recordings, incidentally collectively titled ‘Alla Vigilia Di Halloween’, were taken directly from the rehearsal sessions for Death Waltzes’ recent Halloween party and features four cuts, the gathering opening with ‘Veglia funebre e macabro ricardo (la dama rossa uccide sette volte)’ (‘The Red Queen Kills Seven Times’), originally scored by the prolific Nicolai, it was one of many of his forays into Gialo, this cover version particularly making use of the composers trademark ascending keys, giving the overall atmospherics an eerie dreamlike aura, not unlike, it has to be said, those imagined soundtracks one time creeping out of the Villa9 Studios. On a personal listening level, I’ve always found the Horror Gialo soundtracks and the Spaghetti Western classics sounding as though they’ve been cut from the same cloth, case in point being perhaps, Frizzi’s score for ‘the Beyond’, those dramatic and tense tropes all present, the difference being the use of arpeggios and ethereal brushes of twisted chants and hymnals to create a dream draped disturbia, and so it is with Dream Division’s flawless and faithful take. the bleak disquiet that adored the score of Frizzi’s brooding ‘Zombie 2’ is here subtly toned down and in its place a lighter though considerably more sinister sighed VHS vibing that in truth had us minded of Add N to X. Last up, ‘Cannibal Holocaust’ which I’ll admit I’ve always had something of a soft spot for mainly because Ortolani’s theme does little to warn you of what’s afoot, the original as a stand alone sounding like some the soundtrack to some season long feel good homely prairie saga. Left in the hands of Dream Division, they subtly re-tweak it ever so slightly to the effect it ends up coming across like some ghostly 50’s lounge lilting you suspect having fallen on the cutting room floor of some lost Lynch surrealist smoker.


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