Hattie Cooke

Not out officially for a week or two, latest limited cassette pressing (just seven still remaining last time we checked) from those nice folk over at Spun out of Control, this be Hattie Cooke with ‘the Sleepers’ a dystopic chiller that imagines a future world disturbed by the an unseen and unexplained malaise that causes people to never wake and a sinister group called the Sect who sacrifice such souls to achieve absolution. That’s the grim bit done with, I say that because from what we’ve briefly heard, Cooke crafts a sound world that’s far from dystopic or doomed, instead, dreamlike and serene, selections such as ‘Run’ are cut to a curvaceous chassis threaded in a beautified ethereal adorning while even the shadowy prowl of ’emerging’ is touched with a wonderment whose isolationist aura is peppered with a genteel frosting that betrays its darkening context. Best moment though by a country mile, the enigmatic and elegant ‘something’s watching you’ teased as it is, in a lilting mesmeric lull, part forlorn part introspective, an eerie ethereal sparsely ghosted with a becoming widescreen velour.


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