Back with Do It Thissen just a wee while longer for a little something they released a few months ago and mischievously slipped beneath our radar. Still copies of this knocking about in the shop you’ll be glad to hear, 6 lathe cut 7’s out of a 30 only pressing. Anyhow, this is Duck with a killer twinset which ordinarily we’d fall backwards over for anything sounding remotely wiry, post punk and edgy as is the case with the lead out track ‘Lip on the Floor’, that said, the real nugget here you’ll find tucked on the slip via the frankly wow happenings of ‘Stereo’. A super chilled austere automaton kissed with a coolly glacial late 70’s futuristic disco under-pin that’s superbly occasioned and invaded by moments of hot wiring post punk frenetics, does it for us.

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