Nicholas Langley

With much embarrassment, it’s been a fair while since we strayed into Third Kind territories our lobes being pinned by a limited blue vinyl set from Nicholas Langley titled ‘final wave’ about to surface. Just 100 copies of this being pressed the tags indicating it be awash with IDM signatures, electronica and something called braindance, I’ll leave your imaginations to wander as you ponder on that one, but I guess I know where he’s coming from. From that set, we’ve been somewhat distracted by ‘Cat’s Eyes’, incidentally the longest track of the set. Certainly, something graced with a classic late 90’s era Warp fashioning, the dream like dissipates, the panoramic detailing, the skittering beats and stuttering disconnection all conspiring to gather and usher in a futuristic portent harvesting a subtle industrial / AI age, yet scratch beneath the cosmica flotillas that weave mid-way through therein applying a charmed lightness and the imagined invisible influence of Add N to X in a studio bunk up with Plaid cannot be overlooked.

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