the Home Current

Many thanks to Dom Polytechnic Youth for sending along one of these, our head has been in such a haze these last few weeks that we missed the crucial mailout of its arrival due to an extended restorative nap. Anyhow, not sure if these are all gone just yet, given the speed of disappearance of previous lathe cuts, I’m guessing we err on the sold out. Just 111 copies, all on clear lathe wax, hand numbered replete with typical eye catching acetate sleeves, this be the Home Current, of whom we must comment upon, has had a very industrious year release wise, what with outings for PY, Static Caravan, Castles in Space and more besides. This release features, I think I’m safe in saying, two exclusive pens – ‘Red Ice’ and ‘River Keeper’. Now please don’t complain if we get the sides tangled up, our eyesight isn’t what it was due to various treatment and though we could don glasses, well quite frankly i’ve never been a glasses person and the ones i have, not i hasten to add, the ones i wanted (I could name the nationwide high street rip off franchise), really do nothing whatsoever except make me look like a secretary from an old 50’s b/w flick. Hopefully we’ve got the sides correctly lined then, first up is ‘River Keeper’, a track that wanders between two musical rooms, might well, in its initial flourishes, be best styled and described as pure unadultrated retro synth pop the type very much cut and fashioned in the coolly retro lines of a ‘new life’ / ‘photographic’ era Depeche Mode, its courted with a wonderfully familiar playfulness all overtly light and soothed in a classicist electro vintage, until that is, midway through whereupon with the lights lowered, it withdraws into its shell softly marooned on an dreamy and milky ambient axis. In sharp contrast, the beautifully cosmic waltzer ‘red ice’ is tip toed in magic dust, again another track that manages to sumptuously shape shift throughout its duration, the book ending symphonic courtship that both greets and bades farewell, teased with a sugary neo classicist fluency that draws it into alignment with fortdax’s cruelly ignored ‘at bracken’ debut, the playful pirouettes ghosted with an as were ice frosted Debussy / sugar plum fairy mirage, an effect soon dispersed by arrival of some slickly woven noir tinged techno idents.

there’s also a rare invitation to peer into the inner workings of the Polytechnic Youth hive mind by way of an extensive interview with label head honcho Mr Martin.

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