Remington Super 60

Not sure what happened to the first one, but this is the second single to be lifted from a delayed (scheduled for mid January) EP heading out through Cafe Superstar by the quite exquisite Remington Super 60. ‘Fake Crush’ be its name, available on all digital platforms as of tomorrow (15/11), it’s a typically chicly tailored affair from the Remington folk, their less is more pop application meticulously honed and dead eyed for maximum adoring is kissed with a breezy late 60’s honey toned shimmering, the sounds suave and prettied with a longing effervescence, affectionately wander with a faraway casual so close yet so far from reach as they join the invisible dots to sit somewhere between Le SuperHomard and Lake Ruth on the irresistible scale after that is, passing through and dropping by at Le Mans. Quite perfect if you as me.

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