Poodles Caroli

Absolutely no information on this other than to say, its annoyingly infectious. This is Poodles Caroli, who before you ask, we have absolutely no information about except safe to say that, to the more forgiving of you, this ‘un ought to cheekily charm you and put a puzzling though appreciatively contented smile on your face. Chipped and chirped with a cosying cuteness, there’s something playful and childlie about ‘Kan jeg bli med dit? (Ft. Magnus Abelsen)’ as it skitters around in a daydreamy haze that’s soundtracked by a goofy and gloopy electronic oddness. Mind you, those preferring their pop punctuated with a more subtle substance might well find ‘Fiken På En Tirsdag’ a more engaging experience, not least because its kosmische speckling and celestial shimmering connects ever so subtly to the secret sonic universe inhabited by Faten Kanaan. Still not convinced, well this one slinkily fits between the two extremes, apparently featuring the Remington Super 60 folk, always a good thing, the chuckling cosmic carousel that is ‘Ooohiajajaj’ is kissed with a kooky though altogether warming far east frosting all set across a wonderfully snow tipped and perkily pretty lo-fi electronic palette.

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