So, we are going for magisterial then? Incoming on the much respected Black Illuminist imprint sometime next week, new groove from the mighty Vlimmer. The ‘XIIIII’ EP finds them turning through the gears for what might be their most expansive and accessible release to date. Sure, they still adore their sonic palette in a cold wave weaving that’s both shadowy and daubed in an early 80’s post punk threading, yet across these five tracks there’s a becoming awareness and maturity slow fermenting in their collective creativity that’s anchored, bookended and brought to focus by both the opening and closing salvos ‘Augenlicht’ and ‘Unnachtung’. Both clearly touched and inspired by the Cure, the former particularly brandished with a cooling jubilance that at times had us desperate to rummage from record shelves, our prized copy of Danse Society’s ‘Seduction’ for comparison. ‘Unnachtung’ on the other hand and incidentally, the best thing here, has all the wherewithal and darkening beauty as to suggest its sonic ancestry draws directly to the Cure’s ‘pornography’ albeit as though remodelled by a classic era Fields of the Nephilim as though in cahoots with Zerra 1. That said running it close in the affection stakes, ‘Rasenstarre’ is steeled with a glacial stately magnetic whose chiming corteges had us imagining a reflective and bruised Chameleons in all the imperious majesty.

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