Wladyslaw Trejo

One half of a new limited split feast from the Polytechnic Youth sound factory. Pressed on standard vinyl, gold in case you were wondering and featuring a bespoke label design by Nick Taylor all hand numbered in an edition of 300, the release features a head to head between Alexandre Bazin and Wladyslaw Trejo. For now, there’s a video doing the rounds accompanying the Wladslaw Trejo track, surely no accident that its awash in 80’s nostalgia with the liner notes clearly noting the original footage being taken from ‘VERLIERER’ a late 80’s cult movie set in Germany about two warring gangs. ‘Movida’ is a much pacier affair than has come to be expected from the PY collective, amid the cold war attrition a post punk chill that clearly nods to Clock DVA and Cabaret Voltaire rises, it’s blank colourless detachment finding itself harvested, dissected and remodelled as were, under a shadowy industrial cloak by a conspiracy of folk Skinny Puppy, Play Dead, DAF and Front 242. Pretty cool all said.

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