right hand left hand

Is it just me or upon digging down past the post rock contortions, there’s a subtle 30’s style mooching cabaret swing afoot here. This be the new thing, well oldish given its been out a month and somehow got lost amid a shed load of messages that have mysteriously just this minute appeared in our Fb in box. Anyhow, moving swiftly from our befuddlement this is ‘Prora’, a track lifted from their third full length ‘Zone Rouge’. A curiously mutating affair which as said spawns from its initial affectionate art noodled jabs a rather natty nostalgic swing that soon evaporates, dissolves and manifests into something far darker, edgier and dislocated not to mention cut with a coolly brutalist funk gouged grooving that spikes, spars and sizzles with intense frustration.

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