Nearly lost in the annoying spam box, an early yuletide gift from Yellow6 with the bandcamp streaming of this year’s Merry6Mas gathering, this one going under the sub-titled heading of ‘Decay’. No press notes included here as yet as to where these tracks originate though previous end of year festives have included all manner of outtakes, lost moments and alternate pathways. This edition comes in a 104 CD pressing with a choice of sleeve colours – black, white and cream, sadly the ultra-limited latter variant long since sold out. Eight tracks feature within, the parting salvo ‘no ideas’ catching our ‘lobes on first hearing, typically atmospheric, like the calm before the storm there’s a stillness and expectancy brewing here, the contouring ever so delicate and measured all the time superbly elucidating in the mind’s eye a patient wait as the air around begins to heave and shiver with an expectant intensity, reference wise it draws much from Montgomery and Heaphy’s imperious ‘True’ full length. That said, rather than delve deep into expected fiery furrows, ‘no ideas’ rather more genteelly radiates to softly turn on a softly gliding arc of restfully quiet jubilance.

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