we melt chocolate

Okay yes, it’s been out for a while, but we couldn’t resist giving it a mention having had it sneaking up on our radar with much adored fondness. This be we melt chocolate with ‘golden eyes’, beyond this the clue track goes quiet. Seriously though, this is just immense and intense, a dream pop snow storm that literally just ghosts, or so it would seem, beneath the radar, its initial untethering softly stirring, shy eyed and longed in a bitter sweet gauzing, however that serene ethereal hush is momentarily cracked at the 2.23 moment with the brief blistering of feedback surges before settling back to it daydream drift which come the 3.43 juncture, for the remaining five minutes you are hurled headlong into a showering stratospheric inferno of lovelorn bliss bathed brilliance, crushingly beautiful.

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