territorial gobbing

There’s more than a whiff of the odd and deranged to the peculiar palette of Territorial Gobbing, short sharp slices of discordant disturbia aimed to put you squarely on the back foot. Through Opal tapes comes the splutter and splatter fest that is ‘Capitalist Art Is Cartoons Fucking’, a nine track weird ear full of disconnection, scowling and squalling power electronica and butchered cut up collages, everything and the kitchen sink is here. Far darker and distant than previous visitations to these pages, this collection is traced with an uneasy and dysfunctional disquiet, wayward sonic incisions skittishly capturing moments and then frying, twisting and bludgeoning them so that they mutate anew disfigured, disjointed and unrecognisable from their original self. Part caustic and crude (see the freakish ‘Necknominator’)there’s a wilful impish blankness stomped across this gathering that easily recalls the off the spectrum noise manipulation experimentation commited to tape and vinyl by the likes of soundhouses such as the much missed scotch tapes, at war with noise and tesla with ‘ampit bear’ particularly spiking the ear with its inclusion of throat grunts as well as the nag nag nag nark of the brutish ‘Upholstered Chair Guevara’.


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