TIIF 2019

Sneaking up on our radar earlier today, the last release for this year at least, from the self described ‘small record label for future music’ This is it Forever imprint, a free to download / name your price compilation titled ‘TIIF 2019’ that gathers together a host of cuts from the likes of worriedaboutsatan, field lines cartographer, polypores, veins full of static, umber and Gavin Miller. Not one of those hastily thrown together sets, indeed there’s not a duff cut in the house with each of the invitees stepping up to the plate to deliver to their full potential, both Umber and Veins full of Static in particular, previously unknown to us (if our memory and ears serve well) both turning in performances that’ll guarantee our keen eyed radar will be rippled in expectancy about future happenings all of which, with that in mind, we’ll begin this particular missive by mentioning. Veins Full of Static, alas no further information, come cut with a bruised neo classical pedigree, desirably intimate and sorrowfully shouldered in a withdrawn mournful, ‘and when I turned back he was gone’ is touched by a desperate dappling that fixes you firm in its narrative. Graced in choral falls and hollowed with a ghosting ‘what if ‘silence, an onset of unravelling reflective decay drizzles the haunted loneliness. No slouches in the repeat listening department, Umber’s ‘every corner of a new day’ arrives bathed in radiant sprays of new dawn rising call signs all of which serve to daub it with a ice chimed celebratory context, a celestial plucked straight from the stars far above which amid the slow settling layering of ethereal eddies, a tearful though inner warming jubilance emanates. Next up, a brace from Gavin Miller with both ‘3 days (fourth)’ and ‘we stood lke statues’ being plucked from previously released TIIF outings earlier this year, the former immaculately steeled with a reflective sculpturing which once freed of its pausing genteel upon its opining arrival, sweetly soars skywards traced with the kind of contemplative quiet free spirited solitary stature more becoming of Yellow6. As for ‘we stood like statues’ very Gnac like I must admit, (who on the subject of which, might be popping up here a little later in a differing form at least), it’s all to do with that coolly affixed rain drizzled after hours spy theme noir-ism that ghosts its grooves. In his worriedaboutsatan alter ego, Miller serves up two exclusive nuggets in the guise of ‘falling in slow motion’ and ‘there is no bonfire’, the former a hypno-grooved techno lite doozy sprayed in pulsing cosmica radiance all superbly crafted and chivvied in a mind roving back to Detroit discipling. As to ‘there is no bonfire’ a brooding proto epic grounded with a steely and hollowed wide screen weary that manages to walk between the finite corridors that divide nightmare and dream all equipped with a subtle darkly cloaked shadowy beauty. Having just concluded a perfect year of releases with outings for Miracle Pond (a limited cassette today) and Castles in Space (a lathe 7 last week) the immaculate ‘those infinite spaces’ whirrs into view, a hulking call sign sent straight from the message centre of the great cosmic intelligence, which for arguments sake, can we candidly call it, a galactic variation of ‘Sailing By’. Field Lines Cartographer complete this account with the deeply immersive and dare I say, dream weaved ‘the Tides’, a mindfulness mesmeric of motorik murmurs, inner space astral glides and head expansive trip toning, does it for us.

Proceeds incidentally, going to assist the admirable work provided to the homeless by Shelter.


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