the snake of june

Should have included this yesterday but in an abrupt and briefly hailed brain melt we totally forgot. Again, more essential groove from the Jezus Factory sound stable, a little festive fuzz felicitations from the Snake of June, apparently their first release in over ten years, this being described by the label as a nifty slab of ‘festive doom metal’ and who are we to argue, save to say that the lead out happening ‘I Just Can’t Quit You Xma$ ‘ courts with an off set swagger cool that has all the hall marks of a big beardy stoner Ramones sarcastically grinning with grim greeting, the effect is twisted and oddly despairing yet appreciably and wilfully weaved with a shadowy seasonal sigh replete with gnarled glam gouged blues motifs and a dooming sense of decoration. Over on the flip, the far more urgently formidable ‘don’t fear the water’ is about you like a rash, a bruising head butt of speed scabbed hardcore scorched in agit core all forcefed with a searing 100mph gusto.

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