Slowcraft Presents: The Muse 14​.​12​.​19

Seems only fair that since we checked out the wares of Krysalisound that we should likewise extend the same courtesy to Slowcraft who incidentally, call it a happy coincidence, are set to officially release ‘Slowcraft Presents: The Muse 14​.​12​.​19’ in a day or two. The release brings together Neotropic and Anne Garner, upon the grooves, two original mixes of their own self penned compositions accompanied by the same tracks only remixed by each other. On the bandcamp both these remixes are available as teaser tasters. Left in the hands of Neotropic, Anne Garner’s ‘unhand’ is stripped back to a silent sigh, a reflective slice of astral torch soul kissed with a sparse and tender yearn that’s lulled and layered in a seductive serving of airless neo classicist tethering. Repaying the compliment, Anne Garner’s retuning of Neotropic’s ‘the restless’ is ghosted in a bitter sweet frail that’s cut with a shadowy adorning and a pulsing noir seasoning whose demurring down tempo treading hushes and haunts with the kind of softly smouldered chic that recalls the finest from the Bristol scene of the 90’s.

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