the home current

Seriously, a very over productive and hitherto extremely rewarding 2019 it’s been for the Home Current, prolific doesn’t come into it what with outings for Static Caravan, Polytechnic Youth and Modern Aviation along with a few rogue compilation appearances. Seemingly unable to rest easily for the overriding want of recording, it seems he’s managed to sort himself a fixed home with the esteemed Castles in Space sound house who themselves, have this year, been flying out releases like nobody’s business, most with, often like the sounds of their output, minimal fuss and sparse promotion. Two late in the day releases for Castles in Space wrap up this prolific year (though seriously, I wouldn’t for one, be too surprised if he turns up again on some ultra limited cassette collection between now and the final chime of the year as it falls to silence). Pressed on twlve inches of heavy duty orange vinyl, ‘Liquid Lovers’ comes pulled from a limited set entitled ‘Palermo Traxx Vol. 2’. Notwithstanding his gravitational pull in the chill wave / hauntologist, electronic and ambient scene, like Polypores and Lo-Five, Mr Jensen is an admiring student of 90’s techno and below the radar club sounds, all three have revealed beneath the counter the adoring inspiration that acid / techno and the whole 90’s Warp ethic has held over them with ‘liquid lovers’ nailing such loves to the mast. A tight and slick head turner, ‘liquid lovers’ comes spooled together by three delicately transforming sequences, with the first two each gradually affixing to mutate into the third for a head expanding finale. Initially looped upon a metronomic beat, it playful svelte dream drift chimes amid a ghosting Oriental motif that soon morphs and shifts the momentum from one of ethereal to something busily grooved with an irresistible zig-zagging hip zipping buzz bomb before completing its final transition by dissolving one into the other to create a hypno-honed subterannic shroomer.

As to that other previously mentioned HC happening, again through Castles in Space, a limited hour long CD set titled ‘an evening with the home current’. Altogether a more fully immersive soundboard that highlights perfectly the length, breadth and depth of the ever expansive HC sonic universe, certainly knows how to shift through the gears, likewise bringing and flipping the mood and atmosphere alike in progressing the playlist palette on a fluid terraforming not to mention, deeply tripping flight through the backwaters of a classic techno schooling into the bargain part running the gamut through the Home Current spiritual ley lines.

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