the lounge bar orchestra

These folk are set to make an appearance on the ever perfect Fruits de Mer imprint early next year with an album titled ‘the omeroyd sound’. Impatient as ever, our ever-enquiring ear itchy to hear more went on a wander in the absence of sound files and unearthed this little gem looming on their bandcamp site. Principally orchestrated, at least I’m assuming such, by a certain Greg Healey, indeed the author of one of last year’s finest reads, ‘not in front of the children’, a little something that managed to forge a curious loose line that joined the dots between ‘the Scarfolk Annual’, those brace of A Year of the Country’ tomes and Dominic Sandbrook’s coffee table heaving ‘seasons in the sun – the battle for Britain 1974 – 1979′. ”Queenie of the Desert’ featured here is a wonderfully sunny floral waltz down the secret and hidden rustic avenues of the late 60’s and early 70’s, a nostalgic woozy ghosted by the artistic library craft of Douglas Gamley, Paddy Kingsland, Edwin Astley and Roger Limb, its pastoral braiding and willowy water colouring drawing deep from the same kind untouched and undisturbed landscapes and frozen in time fondness that has formed something of a back dropping aesthetic followed religiously by the Clay Pipe imprint, of course we could add in its cheery feel good carefree but then I feel you already get the message.

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