Flesh Eating Foundation

On the eve of the most divisive, duplicitous and democracy damning election that this once proud country has ever suffered comes a cry from the Socialist heartlands. Man, this is nasty, good nasty mind. Here’s a little festive un-cheer and Christmas commiserations all wrapped and bowed nicely with manifesto paper wrapped around a brick from Salford’s Flesh Eating Foundation courtesy of a ‘name your price’ download titled ‘Santa Claus wears red not blue’. Grizzled with all manner of fuzz festering scuzzing and scabbing electronics all waywardly wired with a hardcore precision atop terrace chant shouts, there’s a blistered early 80’s second wave punk mindset afoot here that merrily seethes away, whether seasonal or not, consider it an added option, all said, something I suspect, that ought to looely appeal to admirers of Evil Blizzard. A pox on the House (of Commons).


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