Cut from the same soundboard though five or six years apart, hands down in our humbled view, the two best TV Themes ever where John Barry’s ‘the Persuaders’ and ‘Vendetta’. Both possessed of that rarefied cool chic and a graceful Italo suave, each arriving adored with shimmering arpeggios for added classicist investiture. I mention all this because while on a rare walk around on facebook we eyed a posting by Mt Handley with a link to a video or rathermore a still image accompanied by sounds, those sounds being Pulselovers rewiring of that classic ‘Theme from the Persuaders’. Now bugger me if anyone had firstly, the audacity and secondly, be honest what could be added, if anything, to improve the original, I mean we are talking John Barry here, who let’s be honest, made perfectionism a craft on its right. But credit where credit is due, that Handley chap does wonders, crafty mind but still, achieves the impossible, for here he relocates the original sound source, no longer St Tropez or Cannes etc …. losing the cosmopolitan connect along with the millionaire paradises imagery, he scales down on the glitzy adventurism to focus and instil a degree of mystery and eerie unearthliness to the tapestry and so touches it with a sense of the beyond and unknown by way of the application of a shadow toned spectral harvesting. Classy.

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