Newly peeled Quimper four tracker ‘rollo bollo jumbo’ incidentally available on one of those name your price deals. A real doozie, less of the skittish crookedness that we’ve come to love and expect of previous releases, this quartet being played with a straight bat which really does pose the question, is this essentially Ms Lowther steering the reigns because truth be told this comes silvered in the kind of hush gracefulness that’s adored her solo work. With its lightness of touch and minimal application, ‘Endless sunless skies’ the opener, is without question or doubt, the main event here, a wonderfully spun vapour whispered astral searcher silently orbiting the cosmic outlands draped in dream drift demurs spraying lunar love to the lonesome. Elsewhere, the stealth like stilled eerie of ‘Kom Er Maar Eens Achter’ blossoms mid-way through to reveal a dreamily trippy soundboard upon which starry shimmerings dance and flutter while a misty eyed bitter sweet courses through the coding of the sighing star walker ‘Belgian Camouflage’. I won’t deny to having something of a soft spot for the parting salvo, with its sparse but neverthless hypnotic ethnic earthbeat rythmic ‘rollo bollo jumbo’ is dozed by occasional appearance of a ghosting gospel / spirituals, it’s all very entrancing.


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