eat lights become lights

Oh my. Now there we were, loosely commenting on the worrying absence of Eat Lights Become Lights activity in these pages and then without any expectation we unearth this. A rough mix of a track that’s figured to appear on a silence breaking set due next year tentatively titled ‘6’ at present, this be ‘Olhos Verdes’, Admittedly one of those ever so rare ‘words fail’ moments and not, I should hasten to add, in a negative way. It seems in his absence that Mr Branquinho has expanded the ELBL collective to include a viola and string section and with that a lushness has been incorporated as well as a sign that the creative text and overall soundboard is shifting away from the trademark kosmische footing. That said, this should come as no surprise for if you listen keenly, from as early as ‘modular living’ this gradual sound re-alignment has been subtly sowed into the ELBL vocabulary with trace elements of pastoral nuances appearing to muddy the mesmerics. Turning to ‘Olhos Verdes’ then, elegant and elegiac, atmospheric and amorphous, a daybreaking herald shivered, sculptured and shimmered in tender key refrains all softly lifted and cradled by the accompanying cortege of demurring drone drapes, a seducing spectacle all sweetly rested with a life affirming rustic radiance. Breathlessly beautiful in short.

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