Must admit to falling in love with this the second it sprouted into life, having just nabbed their recent album ‘lamenting machine’, yes, yes, yes I know it’s been out for a while, but we did get it on a reducer from a seasoned and reliable online / physical record haunt notwithstanding that somewhere and somehow over the years we appear to have sadly fallen of the Morr Music mailing list, this is after all the ever wonderful ISAN. Wracked by impatience, I mean knowing the Christmas post and the likes, the chances of this sitting pretty on our turntable this side of the festivities is a long shot and well quite frankly what with being an impatient kind of chap, we decided to source tracks turning up in the process this little cutie. ‘Ichthyosaur’ be its name, a chuckling mischief maker busily bopping, bobbing and bleeping into the affections, strangely cheerful and stupidly infectious, there’s a wonderfully becoming serene engaging here, the snowdrop chimes softly bedded upon an ice trimmed palette of bowed electronics and fried music boxes, usher in a dinked destressing demurring that dizzies and delights drawing you back to connect with their impish and playful ‘Digitalis’ days.

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