Literally just out through the Suffolk based Courier imprint and run, we believe by a certain Simon Scott, who in another life, used to grace these musings, or at least, a version of these musings, as Portal. Anyhow, as advertised just released in a strictly limited CD press, this is Lunar, not further information arriving, with a three-track gathering titled ‘Create’. It’s pure mindfulness music, each of these thought pausing suites delivered with an unrushed and unfussed minimalist delicacy, their cavernous toning sculptured with a meditative glazing impart a sense of both stilled and muted wonderment and a realisation as to how, in a moment of silent reflection and awareness afforded by stepping back away from the maddening noise of life, that we connect with our natural surroundings. ‘Oscillate’ particularly attracted our affection, at once graceful and hymnal in so much as it’s possessed of a soft peaceful tethering that arcs and reaches out with a curious spiritual stately, the effect is adorably intimate and cocooning, the slow release waveforms creating endless ripples of what can only be best described as, inner healing whilst all the time somehow connecting you far away if only for a moment, to the great and vast cosmic hive consciousness.

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