Adam Leonard

Another whose absence from these musings has been something of a pained and passing concern, the most welcome return of Adam Leonard to our listening space, about time herewith a Christmas record no less, multiple birds one stone then. All proceeds going the Northern Ireland based Simon Community to assist in their sterling work in helping and supporting the homeless, which let’s face it, in this day and age really is a thing of disgraceful social and caring neglect. This be ‘it’s another Christmas’ something I suggest, should you be looking for a spot of old time Festive cheer that is, then think again, because there’s a bitter sweet humdrum here that chimes perfectly with that whole notion of Christmas just being another day, not just for the homeless but for the lonely and the forgotten, all those that society as a whole has failed. That said, scratch a little beneath the surface of this repetitive glide along, a repetitive incidentally, that’ll ensure it’ll be bouncing around your headspace partying hard long after the festivities, but still, as said, scratch away a little deeper and what emerges here is something that craftily channels into the mindset of the mighty Denim.

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