Silhouette Cameo 3

The ISAN folk also appear on a delightful compilation, again out of Courier titled ‘Silhouette Cameo 3’, each contributing solo serving with Mr Saville swaying to the plate with some wonderfully affectionate stop motion electronica in the shape of ‘Jeff’s Garden’. I won’t deny my fondness for its sleepy headed lullaby lilt which cradled in a child like vintage has all the timeless rustic charm of a Raymond Scott score sitting atop a Firmin and Postgate animation. As to Antony Ryan, between various projects, Mugwood for us is the most familiar. Here with ‘high water overnight’, a twilight emerging daybreaking herald whose softly ascending curvatures instil a sense of a inward feel good radiance is I think the best way of describing it, though those among you in need of reference markers would do well to poke around the early 2000’s era Kranky catalogue to unearth and scratch away to reveal their more ambient / drone personality. And while we’re here is that a Wil Bolton track we do spy. It’s been a while but ‘intersect’ really does tick all the boxes, just love the vagueness of it all and its strangely calming influence. Again, just as with the Mugwood cut there’s a kind of foggy mist smothering it, disembodied voices calling from the shadowy dim which aligned to the frost tipped texturing gather together to adore it with a curiously enchanting early morning eerie. Isnaj Dui are another whose absence from these musings in recent years, has been duly noted and much concerned over. Herewith ‘Hvlaeu Gryd’ which again like Mr Bolton’s contribution, set us firmly on a backfoot and in a good way I’ll hasten to add not least because of the pairing of a middle eastern folk charming and the hypnotic of the intricately crafted clock work settings, a wonderfully rustic murmuring steals forth with such deceiving detail as to have you lulled beneath its spectral spell. Now all that leaves is the ten tracks so far unaccounted for, fear not though, I’m suspecting there will be a revisit later in the week even if only it were to rave about the Rorquals track ‘Magna’ which in a nutshell is divine.

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