Projet De Vie

Again, heading out of the perfectly formed sound stables of ERR REC, another 50 only hand numbered cassette release featuring Projet De Vie with what we assume to be his debut full length solo titled ‘Sortie Physique’. As said, the solo work of one Yann Lélias found here moonlighting from his usual Le Goût Acide Des Conservateurs duties, the set features nine servings of early 80’s post punk emerging electro chill wave with a varied minimalist menu that caters from anything from pure ice pop groovy (‘Pastis 31’) to spy themed future world mysterios (‘Sortie physique’) and 80’s VHS paranoia (‘Tapis roulant’) which is all well and good, but we here, toeing the line has never been our mantra, preferring instead the stealth like prowling pulsar that is ‘pause sandwich’, the sets sore thumb by a distance, and distance is what you get for this is grounded with an eerie detachment that had us recalling both Ma Cherie for Painting and to a lesser extent, Magnetaphone, all of which arriving framed in a disquieting fixed stare 70’s vintage. That said, for us, it’s parting salvo, the mind morphing ‘Loisir créatif’ that had our ears pinned a little too closely to the speakers, a hulking 8 minute kosmische opus that pilots upon a trajectory that orbits around an invisible sphere of influence pre programmed by the mighty Tangerine Dream, alarmingly trippy I should add but well worth astral adventuring.

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