Wizards Tell Lies

There was a time when Mr Bower’s Wizard Tell Lies were in very great danger of being a regular feature in these pages such was our undiminishing fondness for them, in some small way, they were ahead of the recent / current hauntologist / isolationist scene before either had acquired a recognised identity or name with which to pigeon hole them / it. Yet over the years, we started losing touch, perhaps due the explosion or at least reach of the internet, making it easier to access self promoted releases over the years thus ensuring our task become one of an impossible task to keep up. Maybe it was the drying up of physical promos since out of sight is out of mind, an understandable decision on both sides, for the artist especially an easier resolve to the problem of lost in the post excuses and again, the access of ease to reach your target audience through the rapid growth and reliability of social media. Who knows. But here we are, excuses or no excuses, with a recent Wizards happening with a promise of more to come in the shape of a split with COLDSORE and Stapperton via totes and a collab with Kek-W and Grmmsk. Through Muteant, this is the ‘Ghost Shift’ EP, a darkening sonic stab comprised of four tracks, the lead out title cut starts quietly enough as if trying to find its footing, almost in surveillance mode surveying its unfamiliar surroundings from out of which emerging from the shadows just while you weren’t paying attention, an atmospheric texturing that slowly ascends howling with a fracturing disquiet which within whose looming stature, a cooled and distant dread portent chokes and jars with a maddening paranoia as the frying haze of feedback skree and shrieking riffs unravel with a spirited hostile. ‘body pit’ is similarly etched with a cloakened chill much reminiscent of Bower’s Revenant Sea alter ego. Soured in an isolationist flavouring, this sinister spectral prowls with a dead eyed dusting amid a slo-core almost servile like industrial torn doom dub dialect. Must admit to being taken by the eerie disconnect afforded by ‘welcome to space’, maybe it’s the airless nowhere tethering attaching here, a bad trip wired deep in the psyche tapping and tugging at the psychosis settings, whatever the case, pure psychotropia it be to these well worn earlobes. ‘Ash Falls’ sees out the set to its conclusive end groove, as with ‘welcome to space’ another cut teased with a spacey wilderness though here with six minutes to spare is enabled with the space to mutate which of course it does, emerging from its ethereal glazing a kosmische astral.


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