Landing just in time for all the seasonal silliness, new groove from the much admired BigFlower, this ‘I see you’ which you’ll find posing on their band camp site on a ridiculous pay what you want, well it is the time of giving. A nifty slice of dream psyche discordance that if I’m honest, taps deftly into that whole Snub TV vibe of the early 90’s, you know, that noisy melodica and coolly underfed skinny chic look espoused by Mascis and Co and other such like, though here shone through a mildly lysergic lens to reveal something frayed and wired with a shades adorned Velveteen aloofness, here I’m thinking primarily of the Ultra Vivid Scene with perhaps a pre ‘Wake up’ Boo Rad folk, Mr Rays Wig World and Wonky Alice muddying the feedback strobed mix. Add in ultra cool and that does it for us.

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