the Lancashire Hustlers

Now if it wasn’t for the fact that at times we accidentally and of course, happily trip over things as we set about our ways in a permanent haze of foggy, we would have misse#d this, those Lancashire Hustlers folk aren’t at full tilt when it comes to promotion and shouting from the roof top. But accidentally and happily tripping we did unearthing this live acoustic posting of them performing an old Jimmy Webb penned seasonal by the name ‘my Christmas Tree’. One for the scrap book I’m thinking with the duo exquisitely channeling the sorrowed side of the yuletide spirit with this slice of unfussed old school soul served seasonal cosiness which, stripped of its tinsel and baubles, bruises deep with a forlorn and hurtful ache, the bitter sweet angst mellowed only by the softly sweet homely glow and deft delicate touch that the Hustlers apply it with.

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