Would you believe that it’s the no show of this release from the supplier that is frustratingly holding up an online order we have through a certain record shop. A limited 100 only cassette through tapeworm by Middex entitled ‘Scrutiny’, which being so eager to hear we’ve had to resort to listening albeit in redux form via Boomket, very annoying and incidentally not the store we ordered it from. Anyhow, grumbles aside, the Middex folk, you’ll no doubt be happy to hear, return to their trademark minimalist chill palette following a handful of agreeably ‘poppy’ distractions, well I thought they were poppy even if no one else thought as such. Eight tracks feature here (well four in reality as you’ll find the same tracks finitely reconfigured in their Oblex form. the ‘Scutiny’ mix being the best by a distance), all of which come flavoured and sculptured in shadow forming subterranic dub motifs, its decidedly sparse, cold and contactless stuff etched perfectly with a grainy post punk disconnect whose icy isolationist interplay is ghosted with a hollowed dadaist dystopic disco dialect.


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