Incidental Music from The Dark Outside

Staying a wee while longer with the Dark Outside collective, alas this delightful curio is sold out at source of its physical cassette variant though still worth stumping up the admission fee for its digital alternative. I say ‘curio’ because, due to overwhelming fandom interest, ‘Incidental Music from The Dark Outside’ is a gathering of all of the idents composed, created and used to curate a seamless and spiritual happening vibe at the label’s occasional outside broadcasts with friends. What becomes apparent immediately here is the reach, switch of style and sheer breadth of atmospherics employed with which to control, engineer or charge a mood suited to the vibe of the evenings gathered crowd. In truth it’s pretty much the equivalent of one of those flicker books which when flipped quickly reveal a little animation moving, so to with this, an all you need to know about kosmische, ambience, krautpop, synth pop, cyber trance and chill wave as were all spirited through a keyboard lens. Thirty three brief and beautifully sculptured suites settle on the ferric grooves, all of which a suitable flavouring is served by way of this lulling and ethereal mind morphing extended excerpt. Taken from broadcasts hosted in 2012 – 2015, 2017 and 2019, these idents take you on a mind trip of emotion, memory and the remote, at times celestial and cathedralesque, at others distant and desolate solar salutes, whatever the case, all sublimely sewn together into a shape shifting seasoning of trip wired tailoring.

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