mr nundy

Officialy set for release as the clocks lurch towards the unveiling of a new decade this evening, those Dark Outside folk round out what’s been, a hugely acclaimed and productive year, with perhaps the last release of the ten-sies before we all career into whatever uncertainty the twenties has in store. This is Mr Nundy of whom I’d love nothing more than to impart reams and reams of information to you about, though for now, find myself somewhat shorted by the fact that we’ve lost the incriminating message with all the relevant gubbins along with the download which itself, might have proved a problem where it not for this rather tasty extended excerpt. ‘Salvage’ serves the TDO sound house with perhaps their ‘poppiest’ release to date, for here built upon a backdrop of dronal derelicts, the initial moments reveal a random ghost filleting that drifts delicately between serene celestially kissed dream drifts and the shimmer toning of a pure unadulterated sky pop pristine, who on colliding at roughly the 5.47, both seductively craft a wonderfully jubilant MBV styled heavenly haze of impacting radiant intensity.

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