current and future polytechnics …..

Those of you fully abreast of polytechnic youth happenings will know Dom’s 2020 schedule is pretty much tied up until release number 125, it seems there’s still uncertain on vinyl pressing from Europe with Brexit potentially hiking up costs to prohibitive levels, still there’s talk of lathes not being affected, thanks to Phil at 345rpm and the potential reliance on cassettes.

However, just out of pressing, two long out of print compilations have been gathered together and given a new lease of life, the previosly well received ‘they make no say’ and ‘popcorn lung’ both re-emerge as a limited 300 double disc on red and mustard vinyl ….. both mentioned here….

… and here …..

Lastly, it’s a rare thing for me to find myself lost for words, but I am ever so humbled and overwhelmed that the label over the busy Christmas period got together with a host of very kind folk to put together a limited lathe release by way of a benefit type thing for me – see I told you, so stunned I can’t even express the words properly.

Anyway,  I’ll leave it to Dom to explain before I start welling up again……..

‘Hey folks, news of a very special NEW release just planned over the Christmas period, which I think may just make it out as the first release for 2020.

Released by way of a benefit 45 to the widely revered and much loved, ace musical scribe MARK BARTON & THE SUNDAY EXPERIENCE. Mark has been a mate for 20 years or so now, and as many of you who tune into the page may know, has been struggling with his writing during a hellish last 12 months or so with failing health. So many artists and labels are indebted to his continuous support and enthusiastic writing. The four mentioned below are just the tip of the iceberg really.

so PY117 is released in his honour. a lathe cut 45 released as a pressing of 100 copies featuring new tracks (we’re 99.9% sure at the time of writing) from: TOMORROW SYNDICATE | POLYPORES | LAKE RUTH | POLYTECHNIC SOUND ARCHIVE.

more news as it’s ready to roll but just to say HUGE thanks to all bands and especially cutting guru Philm who is working flat out to get this one done asap.

All proceeds go directly to Mark himself.
Thanks guys, Happy New Year to ya’s!


update …..

The Sunday Experience” benefit EP | PY117 RELEASE DATE: This coming Monday night 20|1|20 at 9PM

Hey everyone, I mentioned this one recently, now it’s ready to roll. As I said before, Mark Barton’s writing, reviews, features and sheer enthusiasm and know how have long been admired by many; this past year he has continued at an incredible rate despite fighting an ongoing battle against ill health.

As it turns out, since mentioning this, we could have filled a double LP without exaggeration. however, it’s a 4 trk EP we come knocking with, here. TOMORROW SYNDICATE | POLYPORES | LAKE RUTH w/LISTENING CENTER | POLYTECHNIC SOUND ARCHIVE. 100 numbered copies WITH ALL PROCEEDS GOING DIRECTLY TO MARK.

This one will fly, so tune in right here this coming Monday (20/1) at 9PM UK time. Also every bit as key in this one’s creation Philm at 3.45 cutting, has very kindly cut a total one off copy as a picture disc with a 24 hour auction also beginning monday at 9, whereby this one-off 45 also goes up for grabs with full bid going directly to Mark…. The package also includes a fab insert with tribute from Nick Taylor.

see you then….


many thanks to all involved, I am forever indebted to your kind spirit and time taken over Christmas, bless you all ……..





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