There’s a becoming awkwardness, a disconnection or more so a dislocating distance applying to this deeply satisfying oddity from pulselovers. Released in a miniscule cassette pressing by Sensory Leakage – quite possibly just 20 copies all told, ‘noisedemo’ mostly features a live performance from early 2019 at Doncaster College, where having recently completed the excellent ‘Cotswolds’ set for Castles in Space and duly handed in the masters, Handley and co decided to withdraw to the safe shadows of the minimalist frontier. Those expecting more of the same folk blown idyll, think on for this 30 minute set is a seasoned example of deep trance wired abstraction featuring looping overlays and a vintage 50’s era electronic eerie – which admirers of the Barrons, Louis and Bebe will surely adore as well as those well versed with the modular manipulations of Sonic Boom’s EAR period. The sounds both sparse and stripped back to the bare, generate a somewhat psychedelic experience, shimmering oscillators forge alliances with dronal waveforms which at times have the feel and out there airlessness of those unnamed white label offerings that Mr Peel would drop in to his late night track listings more starkly, it’s the unbroken 30 minute continuity that affords Mr Handley to sonically evolve in real time that makes this so rewarding, the recurring water effects applying a genteel touch, both calming and cavernous. In addition to the Doncaster event over to the flip, you’ll find three archive recordings from 2015 in the shape of ‘noisedemo’, τρόποc and 91455, the former of which has all the hallmarks of V/VM making a surprise visit to the tigerbeat6 studios or at the very least seeking to spook the folk over at twisted nerve. As to ‘τρόποc’, well in truth we are back in EAR terrains though here as though in a face off with a particularly impish and youthful Add N to X. Which all but leaves ‘91455’ to lead matters to the run out, and with that drop the sets best moment, a wonderful slice of rustic nostalgia finding its sonic friend in littlebow, a charmed carousel possessed of the playfulness of the much missed Assembled Minds and with that the lush courtesy of the silken symphonia of Magnetophone.

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