pull the plug

I know we always say this, but is the latest edition of pull the plug the best yet, well it’s certainly ticking all our listening boxes and we aren’t just saying that because we get a very unexpected and appreciated mention near the start of the show, my my we feel so humbled now. Anyway, enough of the gushing, this edition is a return to a mainly guitar and flu based show that features two killer cuts of breezily authentic 60’s psych from Lucille Furs with both ‘sunset moons’ and ‘alabaster crayon’ providing for a wonderfully woozy koolly kaleidoscopic mirage of west coast baroque drifts hinting elements of Strawberry Alarm Clock and the Left Banke not to mention the Zombies. Next up the Stroppies, who alone judging on ‘gravity is stern’, might be worth the time and patience tracking down their album, this ‘un coming traced and trimmed to a more beat purred power popped throb that hints a tad of both Belly and the Breeders as though retooled and overseen by Sam Prekop. I must admit to being a little mortified to discover that Lake Ruth have sneaked out a limited cassette release through French imprint wewant2wecord. So, while we have a little listen and prep something for a future mention, there’s a brief taster here in the shape of ‘the frozen aisle’ – a beautifully pirouetting slice of noir tinged 60’s baroque imagined from a would be meeting of a youthful Broadcast and Beautify Junkyards. Rounding out the set, something that we’ve been a tad adoring of, since that is it came into our listening space, ‘heads’ by Janvy of which we’ll just say ought to tick the boxes of those Beaulieu Porch loving folk among you. Last up for the mentions, shock Morrissey in decent track spoiler alert, as the saying goes, even a stopped clock is right twice day, guess there was bound to be something from Moz that would strike a favourable chime someday, I’ll be honest in saying I’ve been left cold with everything he’s done since returning in the 00’s after a brief exile, but this ‘un – ‘home is a question mark’ be its name is gloriously stirring stuff, a bruised but unbowed shadow traced cinematic torch anthem and with that the end of another well-heeled transmission. https://www.mixcloud.com/Resonance/pull-the-plug-14th-december-2017/

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forty foot pipe

Just a very brief heads up for this before we head out into the cold for a spot of 9 to 5 work tedium with harsh flu intact, fear not we’ll be returning to this on our return. New seasonal sonic gift wraps from the loved Small Bear imprint, this be their Christmas box of delights entitled ‘unknown presents’. Title and minimalist sleeve aside, are we detecting a Joy Division theme / vibe afoot here, well not immediately apparent on the flurry of tracks we’ve had the chance to breeze through, however forty foot pipe’s ‘Christmas in the fens’ with its head in the clouds not a care in the world nonchalance, does hint of a youthful post JD New Order atmospherique, with its cascading post rock out shimmering’s ushering in something of a hypno grooved and deceptively dreamy fixed point snow tipped stillness. https://unknownpresents.bandcamp.com/album/unknown-presents


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Interlude …. endless days of Christmas …. Day 15 …  the trashmen, wanda jackson and the continentals, freddy canon, the tractors, the cannibals, the buff medways …..

Interlude …. endless days of Christmas …. Day 15 …  the trashmen, wanda jackson and the continentals, freddy canon, the tractors, the cannibals, the buff medways …..

The trashmen ….

Wanda Jackson and the continentals ….

Freddy canon …

The tractors ….

The cannibals ….

The buff medways ….

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acid baby jesus

This is causing something of a stir occasioned by mild swoon activity in the listening gaff just now, though Fuzz club this be Acid Baby Jesus with ‘lilac days’. Go on admit, you are a little sniffy with the band name, frightened it might be a little loud and schizoid for your palette, maybe thinking it’ll send you over the edge. Truth is, as the saying goes, never judge books by their covers, for this slice of smoking authentic 60’s soft psych pitches its tent firmly in the love camp of the Strawberry Alarm Clock and should if anything attract those souls among you well attuned to the cool of the Wicked Whispers and the Hanging Stars. Very classy.


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Ryuichi Sakamoto

ah,’Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence’, has there ever been a more beautifully expressed moment in the considerable back catalogue of Ryuichi Sakamoto. I’ve always paused when it’s come to pass into earshot, that sense of immaculate grandeur and the divine symettary of the symphonic sweeps, swallow dives and sighs make it a thing of beautified enchantment. Admittedly it sounds bare without David Sylvian’s immaculate vocal crush, but still that doesn’t detract from the way the score travels one minute trembled and tearful, the next jubilant and caressing. Here’s Mr Sakamoto accompanied by the Brussels Philharmonic performing said track, a both frail and fragile study softly surrendered by the faultless and spectral seduction of swirling strings, just me or very Bernard Herrmann.

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melmoth the wanderer

so long since we had any Melmoth the Wanderer action, that we here were considering putting out a missing persons call. This being the silly season though, along came a message from Mr Peters with unearthly tidings and a reposting of some merry macabre in the shape of a summoning for ‘the ghost of winters past’. Beneath the chilling shadow of the season of death, ne’er do well rituals and foreboding gather to conspire dark deeds, upon a craft wyrd and woozy, ghost lights and time fractures coalesce to create an eerily cold carnival, a magic land of nostalgia from out of which, shadows stretch and lengthen, to extend their icy touch and with it instil a sense of dream like enchantment and sinister disquiet. https://www.mixcloud.com/Melmoth_The_Wanderer/the-ghost-of-winters-past/       

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EurNoVision 2017

We will be revisiting this again, quite soon in fact, after that is, we’ve refreshed ourselves after a long nap ready to have our heads scrambled all over again. The now seasonal highlight that is the EurNoVision gathering. Now in a brief nutshell for those not having previously paid attention, these compilations, now in their third year, gather a galaxy of folk operating on the distant outer margins of pop from the soon to be light of UK, European Community. Well I say pop in its most loosest of definitions, think upon them as left of the kind of stuff put out by the Arte Tetra imprint. As said just a brief sample for now, first up on the inspection blocks being the Brain Masturbation, I mean where on earth else did you think we’d be starting, this lot hail from Cyprus, clearly under the influence of my cat is an alien albeit as though translated and rephrased through the Sunburned Hand of Man’s viewfinder, it’s a bit droney, primitive and wyrd folky with occasional detours into freakery, I’d go as far tto say a tad disquieting and oddly disturbing if we didn’t think as a result, it might cast a hoodoo over us. UK’s entry to the proceedings, comes from Tirikilatops who serve up the oddly odd and wonderfully fried ‘Walking Bee’ which I must admit once taking up residence in your headspace will drive you to distraction, initial impressions think ….and the native hipsters shimmied up to the Flying Lizards under the watchful eye of YMO, but then stick with it and what becomes kookily obvious are a recalling of the Frank Chickens and pop off Tuesday making sweet skewiff studio merriment with a guest appearance by Fever Ray. I don’t mind admitting we here are somewhat smitten by Elizabete Balčus’ woozy celestial ‘IKA’ as it ventures dreamily into terrains occupied by Jodie Lowther whose latest incidentally, we’ve got simmering on a back burner  while staying with the much missed Soft Bodies theme, and again Jodie Lowther, poetrip’s distractively trippy floor seducer ‘uninteligible dance music’ emerges from the dark side of Quimper. https://eurnovision.bandcamp.com/album/eurnovision-2017

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