life education

I’m certain that Life Education have crossed our paths, a little rummaging around and our suspicions are proven right with earlier mentions here and there – a new set just released, which we will in the course of coming days return to though not before mentioning at least one moment of tastiness in the shape of ‘pale hearth’ which we’ll get to in a second. The album entitled ‘New Earth Assembly’ is heading out of the Katuktu Collective imprint on seriously limited cassette press with a message from it’s author, Patrick R. Patrick (Kösmonaut fame) describing it thus ….. ‘…. this is a sonic dedication to our mirrored Earth planet of another time parallax; consisting of motorik head-nodding stoner incantations and melded with Kraut and kosmische flavorings. Earth only has so much time left and this is part of her requiem soundtrack’. I must agree to the Earth requiem aspect of it all for ‘pale hearth’ is touched with a tear stained bitter sweetness which comes caressed in all manner of lulling loop grooved flotillas whose mesmeric arrest casts an alluring transcendental bathing, whereupon the very fabric of the cosmic seemingly caresses, colludes and collapses, though not before an as were, star sighing cosmic carousel engages in one last radiant flourish to waltz to an inevitable journey’s end, dancing to a fading rapture.

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lene lovich

The fall out of punk into the pop pristine of new wave and the experimental post punk camps in the latter stages of the 70’s, proved a fertile playground for the creative outsiders. Those whose off the wall, out of fashion, off the radar quirkiness that would have ordinarily remained on the outside fringes of the underground, suddenly had the keys to chart appearing immortality. One such soul was Lene Lovich who is shortly to take to the road playing her legendary ‘Stateless’ album (blimey 40th anniversary) in its entirety. The overwhelming success of ‘Stateless’ was a testament to those uncertain times though for Lovich, no stranger to chart success, she’d penned the lyrics for Cerrone’s global electro disco hit ‘Supernature’, an opportunity that arose with a phone call from a distressed Frenchman and a flight out to Paris, not she was credited with the fact at the time. With her dark cabaret glamour and eye for visuals, this set against an abstractly skewed punk / goth / proto new romantic sound hybrid, the former scream Queen’s main weapon, apart from her knack for infectious earworms, is her voice and the extremes to which her vocal register contorts, careers and coos, best heard on ‘Lucky Number’ and the eerie ethereal touches on ‘bird song’. All said, we here where always a tad smitten of ‘New Toy’ arriving as her career was waning and featuring a young Thomas Dolby. Anyhow dates of the short tour are below along with a few choice vids, support coming from ex folk from the Au Pairs and the Passions  


Friday 8th – Riverside, Newcastle

*Saturday 9th – G2, Glasgow

*Sunday 10th – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

*Friday 15th – O2 Institute, Birmingham

*Saturday 16th – Club Academy, Manchester

*Sunday 17th – The Waterfront, Norwich

^Thursday 21st – The Garage, London

^Friday 22nd – Concorde 2, Brighton

^Saturday 23rd – O2 Academy, Oxford

 With support from:

* Barbara Gogan (The Passions)

^ Lesley Woods (Au Pairs)    

‘Say When’ ……..

‘Home’ …..

‘lucky number’ ……

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tomorrow syndicate

Very privileged to get a sneak peek of the four tracks that’ll be adoring the flip side of the next Tomorrow Syndicate release. Provisionally called ‘Precog’ (the other track going by the name ‘Stranger in Space’), these cuts find the Tomorrow Syndicate sound elevated to a new level that ushers in a more cinematic intimacy and emotional bonding with the B-sides opening to the previously swooned over ‘Captain, I am fading’. A celestial epitaph initially mentioned here and something so crushingly heart breaking and beautifully ghosted in spectral longing that I’m certain many a tear will be shed upon hearing, in our humbled opinion, their finest moment to date. With its Vangelis-ian tailoring, instrumental ‘contact’ is a vast sublime swathing hyper craft astral gliding the heavens and beyond, both stately and statuesque, its futuristic shimmering part ‘lost themes’ Carpenter and part Pye Corner Audio lunar eerie, there’s an ageless majesty at work here touching base with the ‘Stranger Things’ community that’s fused both of sounds of the past and of sounds reaching into futures to come. Just while you’re peeling your jaw from the floor along comes ‘Auto Pilot’ burning with the same bitter sweet harvesting of serene isolation and bruising introspection, the likes of which, adored those early transmissions from Dan Carney’s early Astronauts exploits though here sorrowfully sighed in a coolly cradled cosmic crystalline. Which leaves the aptly titled ‘Exit Guide’ to steer matters towards the end groove with purring pulsar precision, a kind of celestial Watcher if you must, silently observing the Galactic nothingness from a hitherto,  remote observational post.     

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again another track that’s been driving us to distraction, this we are led to believe, is the debut offering from Pottery called ‘Hank Williams’, which despite its obvious giddy up rock-a-billy swing had us strangely recalling Josef K, really don’t ask, we just put it down to the dislocated time signatures, the skittishly angular C-81 arrangements and the high wiring vocal yelps which on further reflection really do have a ‘dirk’ era Adam wiriness about them.

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vern matz

trust me when I say stick with this one, for it has a crafty knack of creeping up on you as though on first listen when your back was turn and your guard was down, it sneakily planted little earworms ready for hatching later. Its by Vern Matz of whom alas, we have absolutely no information about except the say the track in question is called ‘tiny nuclear reactor’, an oddly surreal and blissfully smoky happy end days song which, while not sounding anything remotely like the Talking Heads musically, appears to fall out of their skewed spectrum, mind you that said, had I mentioned it had us minded of They Might be Giants you’d be ‘damn yea’ so instead we’ll say Super Furry Animals and leave it there.

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lacuna bloome

thirty years ago or thereabouts, I’d have happily kept a vigil outside my local record emporium – Probe in case you are asking – waiting for this to arrive, its smitten shimmer toning pop feeding our youthful yearn with its jangling chimes, lovelorn bruising and euphoria rushes as it revolves and adores around a coolly spun shade adorning teasing of Chapterhouse, early Catherine Wheel and those crystalline Creation cuts from back in the day. Before we forget, its called ‘find your way’ and its by Lacuna Bloome.

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the coathangers

I’m pretty certain we’ve an email or something or other lurking about our person about these folk which we’ll endeavour to root out at the earliest convenience. Again another tripped across via sound cloud I’m afraid, this be the Coathangers through the ever perfect Suicide Squeeze imprint, a track pulled from their incoming ‘the devil you know’ full length called ‘bimbo’. Stupidly infectious, beautifully bitter sweet, cut much in the likeness of the more razor wired moments from the achingly missed Sarah spectrum and just a tad ear burning. This ‘un shifts from sighing cuteness to strutting frenzy in the blink of an eye, adorable art pop one moment dinked in a dreamy summer soothed twee fried seasoning replete with twinkling chords and lazy eyed harmonies, the next erupting into a scowling strum scorched chugging see ya later vibing. Does it for us.

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