cyan 341

Cyan 341 ‘hex’ EP (Smallfish). And so to the small but well formed Smallfish label. This little cutie pressed up on the now standardised 3 inch CD format is strictly limited to just 100 copies and is bound to fly from the labels racks one suspects before it gets a chance to hit the streets. Cyan 341 is the alter ego of Zainetica better known to friends as Mark Sreatfield who in recent years has released a considerable body of work that has managed to surface on some of the coolest imprints on the cutting edge scene of electronica including Boltfish, u-cover and en:peg to name just three. Cyan 341 sees him freewheeling his more dance cultured persona – this fruity little slice of mesmeric ambience had us wobbling on our lunar axis and finds its feet distinctly in Detroit techno realms deliciously cooking up some damn fine transcendental tuneage. Should appeal principally to fans of mid 90’s era Biosphere, 808 State (especially the parting ‘#ff00ff’ – don‘t ask us), FSOL and most surprisingly late 90‘s styled Derrick May who we detected buzzing intermittently between the grooves). Its stunning stuff, layered loops of chilled out groove cast with futuro funk dialects, disembodied phased vocals and seriously fat ‘n’ juicy bass underpins especially on ‘#ff0000’ – each track building slowly in texture and adding to the previous as though evolving on a theme to which culminates sumptuously in the aforementioned parting ‘#ff00ff’ – a delicious slice of spectral like seductively layered subterranean dub funk peppered with exotic florets and a gorgeously laid back down tempo calm – crank this baby up at the dead of night for a spot of sophisticated nocturnal amour. More of the same please.

september 2008


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