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  1. Hi Mark, just been pointed at your review of Astral Social Club vs. Bacon Industries. Thanks I was very surprised anyone had noticed it and more surprised that you liked it. Hopefully we’ll have more out soon and may be playing in Leeds with a live crew at Hogwash in the New Year. Thanks again.
    Declan Randulph Owen C.E.O. Bacon Industries

  2. Hi, Mark. Phil from Small Bear Records here. Thanks so much for the kind words – sometimes, on days like this f’rinstance – they can make the difference between laughter and tears!


    • hi Phil,
      likewise thanks for the heads up, its nice that people take notice, sometimes i feel as though its just me, the headphones, the music and an over excited typing finger…great stuff all the same – love what you guys are doing – if ever these get pressed on CD’s you’ll have to send – longdrone are pretty special as are the bordellos – have a great weekend – mark

  3. Hi Mark, enjoyed the piece on ‘Pages from Ceefax’. You might find my brand of obsidian ambient terror to your taste. for free download

  4. Mikee Gordon ( ex Tayside Mental Health) says:

    Hi Mark
    Hi Mark

    Hope you are well!

    I just wanted to send you a link to my
    Solo album as I thought you might be interested
    To hear it.

  5. Hyperbubble says:

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the mention of Hyperbubble in your article! One thing though, and I’m proud to say this: There are absolutely no samples in Christmas with the Bee Gees. Hyperbubble did all of the music and Hyperbubble and Gracie DuVin did all of the vocals!

    Since we’re on the topic of Hyperbubble and Christmas and videos, you’ll probably get a kick out of our brand new animated Christmas vid, “A Synthesizer for Christmas”. It just came out a couple of days ago:

    Thanks again for spreading our electronic message of joy, and Hyper Holidays!


  6. Mikee says:

    Hi Mark

    Just wanted to say thanks for review! Will keep in touch!


  7. Jim Kroft says:

    Hey Mark – thanks very much for reviewing the new single and for the positive words. Last year a local Liverpudlian band called “The Arkanes” supported me on my German/ Swiss /Austrian tour – was a great time with belly aching laughs! Sending the very best, Jim (Kroft)

  8. Rob says:

    What’s up Mark – I came across your blog as I’m listening to Geist & the Sacred Ensemble for the first time …. thought you might enjoy The Danbury Lie as well – .

    Here’s a little bio ….

    A forever evolving, eclectic, musical mindfuck—the rare breed of music written for the listeners to fix on whether they should stomp, shake or shriek—gathering strangers and friends alike to celebrate in its inimitability.
    Spastic genius, robust in its uncompromising originality—the expressive brainchild of one Robert Loncto with a sole purpose of taking the listener on an eerie journey deep into the mind of a freethinker.
    The Danbury Lie can be found in a dimly lit barroom or an eccentric music hall, giving their followers the unfamiliar feeling of psychic divide between musician and outsider.

  9. Rob says:

    appreciate it. definitely will. planning on sending out a batch this week so I’ll make sure one comes your way.

  10. Dave H says:

    hey mark – drop me a line. have a new split series release i’d like to send you
    dave (FatCat) –

    • Hi Dave,
      good to hear from you – long time – too long in fact – how are you – hope all is okay – just getting back to this writing lark after a month lay off due to illness ha ha – be good to hear the new split release and anything else you have kicking around….have a great one, mark

  11. Ted Selke says:

    Hi Mark,
    I wrote this out in hopes of sending it to you directly but I don’t see any way to do that.
    I wanted to let you know that I totally agree with your assessment of our version of Cream Puff War; as our guitarist Jacob said “Spot on!”. There are a lot of reasons it came out that way ~ one was that Keith preferred it to the other song I was finishing up and asked us to go all out with the phasing and panning in order to fry reviewer’s brains because it would be the last song on the promo CD. We really enjoy your writing so I hope you will forgive us this transgression. I’ll be happy to send you a copy of our new record (mostly from 2009-2010 unfortunately) when I finally finish it up. Keith was going to send out 50 copies of the not quite finished version to his press contacts but I’ve yet to see any acknowledgement of it anywhere (other than on discogs – two guys I gave it to at the “Crabstock” show in Connecticut).

    I hope to improve on it and also hope that you will like us and forgive us for our unfortunate fuckup on this one. I’m going to put out a 45 of the song Keith wasn’t as impressed by but I like a lot, a bubblegum rock version of the Grateful Dead’s Mountains of the Moon. I’m planning to put my version of All the World is Love on the other side and make it my first solo 45. I hung out with our guitarist Jacob tonight and he laid down a few solos for Yedikule, a Rebetiko we’ve been playing since our first show in 2005 that will be on the new/old record “Ormythology”.

    Thanks so much for the kind and honest words,

    Ted and TSROS

    • Hi Ted,
      thanks for the lengthy missive and back story – love the track as it happens – would love to hear the CD of old stuff and indeed look forward with anticipated expectation to your new stuff – aye the contact stuff – ha ha i like to remain invisible – but if you need an address / email i’m over at and 71 Pennsylvania Road, Liverpool, L13 9BA – best of luck with TSROS…..

  12. Chloë March says:

    Hi Mark,
    I just wanted to say a quick thanks so much for listening and for your lovely review of my ‘Winter Deep’ song. I’m so pleased you liked and incredibly honoured to have the Oddfellows Casino/Stereolab mention!
    All the best ~ Chloë

  13. Dave H says:

    hey Mark – i tried four or fuve times to message / email you about the split 12, asking if you wanted promos. never heard a peep back… if you want promos, send me an email

    • hi Dave, good to hear from you – likewise here i’ve been trying to get in touch with you even mentioned it to the PR team who are covering your c duncan release – anyhow would love promos – i’m at 71 Pennsylvania Road, LIVERPOOL, L13 9BA these days – for email
      hope all is well by the way……..and cheers, mark

  14. Hi there guys at Mark losing today blog!
    Hi there man!!! we`re from Argentina and woule like to send some of our links with music to your blog that alright???

    We have published disc in ikuisuus, wineboxpress, the higs and lows records, feathered coyote, eiderdown records and taping policies ….

    hope that`s ok!


  15. Hi Mark, I’ve just sent you a facebook friend request. I’ve started a vinyl record label and have some stuff incoming that I would like to keep you informed about/send you. Hope to speak soon, Colin Morrison.

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  17. Tony Osborne says:

    Hey Mark … thanks for the ‘Suspirium’ mention on ‘Dr. Sardonicus Day 3’ cd 🙂
    More releases on ‘bandcamp’ and ‘discogs’ … if you want to investigate further!

  18. Greetings, Mark! I definitely think you should check out this recording by Crimson Butterfly from Russia, a cosmoenergetic duo of two space cats and outstanding representatives of the emerging scene of Nizhniy Novgorod ambient. It was recorded live at a local contemporaty arts centre on the night of the museums 2016.

    The page of the release is here

    and our active blog (with lots of beautiful photosets) in Russian is here

    Hope that you find that interesting!

  19. Matt Leuw says:

    Hello Mark,
    Reassuring to know you’re still fighting the good fight. Thanks for all the good reviews in the past, this is still an ongoing concern, new stuff on the horizon….

  20. Dear Mark,
    Thank you so much for the nice things you wrote about our upcoming release. I’m sorry you didn’t get any soundlinks; both sides can be previewed in full for free and nothing on the player here:
    Thanks again for your support, it really means a lot to us.
    Seb and those other Unfortunates

    • hi Seb, thanks for getting in touch and for the very kind words……a lovely single…..hope it does well…btw wasn’t having a dig over the sound links….more a case i couldn’t share with people as to how great the release is, rest assured i’m reposting now with bandcamp link……thanks again, mark

  21. Hello Mark,
    this is Wilder Gonzales from Peru
    glad to see you are doing well and into muziq…
    Listen, I released an album and an ep last 2016 it would be nice if you can review them on your site!!

    I can send you private links to dl of course.
    Hope all is doing well up there,


  22. Hi Mark

    We are Palm Tree Misery a psychedelic group from Edinburgh, Scotland. We’ve just released our debut EP ‘Dissolutionism’ on the 31st of March. I’m contacting you to see if you’d be interested in reviewing the record. The EP is a concept record inspired by the dissolution of the modern times. ‘Dissolutionism’ is available through all good online retailers (Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer ect) Any more information do not hesitate to contact us.

    ‘Dissolutionism’ can be heard by following the links below

    Tunes available for free download below

  23. James says:

    Hey Mark,

    Cheers for the Fumio news post, if you’d like to review the album in full please drop me a line



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