the bordellos

Ah sub-tronic post punk with a distinct decoration of c-81 styled mutant club land grooving, just what the doctor ordered though I note he missed the Morphine script – that folks is what passes for dark comedy in our world these days folks, anyway this be the opening track of the latest ‘underground tapes’ set from the Bordellos, number 25 therein, available on free download/ pay what you want, the cut in question a lo-fi dance mix of ‘the gospel according to Julian Cope’ who as you all know, is the coolest of the crucial three or was it four or five who these days, from what we can gather, releases the occasional nugget and disappears wherever for a while without so much as a by your leave, still we’ve eyed somewhere a repressing of ‘Wilder’ – essential listening of course that needs putting in a relevant online basket for purchase. Anyway, what can I say about the track, try cool, calculated and damn, damn, damn, very toe tapping in a stare you down mesmeric way type thing. Gotta admit I’ve enjoyed this particular release more than most, perhaps safe to say the most together of these vault finds to date what with ‘New York Girl’ tuned, toned and possessed of a softly subtle mid 70’s CBGB’s vibing that appears to wear a Television t-shirt awash with Velvets badges. On the otherhand ‘dark time girl’ – a girl theme forming what, comes blessed with a delicious Hefner like waywardness while the emotional broken and distressed ‘somebody else problem now’ is the Bordellos at their most crushed, reflective and damaged.

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tujuh kuda

In our self -imposed absence, we’ve been more than cheered by the frequent appearance of releases from the Dark Outside imprint, if memory recalls there was a superbly imagined score for ‘1984’ -at least I think it was ‘1984’ as right this minute I can’t lay my hands upon the blighter, worse still I can’t remember who did it and neither can I recall the name of the sub label its was issued through. The joys of chemo fog and ineptness, they make a splendid coupling. More startling still, prior to this TDO release, a set from the very wonderful Drew Mulholland with ‘the Wicker Tapes’ – a little write up of which we might try and sneak on here in a few days – though no promises. So that’s two appearances from Drew this year if you count the ‘Delia collaboration’ for Buried Treasure, hell’s teeth that’s more releases than he’s put out in the last 5 years. This time of asking and serviced with a 50 only cassette pressing, Tujuh Kuda take to the centre spot with a 60-minute entitled ‘lotek’ from off which the label have sneakily posted a 5-minute excerpt sequence. This ghost folk slice of dream-tronica is wonderfully pressed in a myriad of light and dark shading all spared through by the glooming weaves of Oriental mystics and a sparsely toned shadow walking chilling, its disquieting aura enhanced by degrees to the imparting of a sense of closing claustrophobia with its seasoned macabre filleting. Not one for alone listening.

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gary numan

Talking of things dystopic, foreboding and isolationist, Beggars Banquet’s Arkive sub-print are shortly to put out, expanded 40th anniversary sets of Tubeway Army’s / Numan’s iconic ‘Replicas’ (a brooding dark star of disassociation, disconnection and bleak alienation) and ‘Pleasure Principle’ (clinical, reflective, almost nostalgic and regretful yet self-aware) releases. Collectively titled ‘the first recordings’, these double disc sets gather together rare demo versions and alternate takes forged and formed during the session recordings for these two landmark releases. along with legendary Peel sessions. The ‘freerange’ demos come bolstered by the additional appearance of Numan’s two Peel sessions from ‘79 with both pressings arriving pressed on coloured vinyl. Full reviews in the coming days. However. for now, at least, a little aside. Stumbled over by accident earlier today, here’s Numan’s contribution to what looks like an excellent project set up by the Stories for Ways and Means collective which seeks to promote the value and advancement of children’s literacy across the globe – for more details go to

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Last up from the Boring Machines folk, the darkly pressed ‘II ciclo del Vuoto’ from aural alchemist Neunau from off which the ‘movimento II’ has been pricking our listening space, this slice of isolationist edginess is blessed with a dystopic outerism, its pulsing mesmeric lines ushering in a forbidding and foreboding glimpse of bleak futures to come as it presses its macabre industrial with hope diminishing disquiet.

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Staying with Boring Machines, a quite stunning set from dTHEd titled ‘hyperbeatz vol 1’. A rather curious though calming affair and something which, in our humbled opinion, would have been ripe for essential playlisting by the Mixing It folk Messrs Sandall and Russell in another age and time. For now, we here have been somewhat taken by the parting ‘Ƨiănƕηm]đʉ’, a strangely absorbing sore thumb initially channelling earth beat rhythms with a choral woozy, from which emerges and waywardly weaves, a distractively sparse palette that contorts and shape shifts with a playfully haloing to tumble, stutter and shimmy its way to end groove with fracturing albeit, impish improv delight.

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von tesla

I’m strongly suspecting we’ve a sizeable gap emerging in our Boring Machines stash what with the discovery of a handful of keynote releases that we eyed on a recent nose of their band camp page, first of which comes from Von Tesla, information on whom I’m sad to say, is scant to the point of non-existent. Anyhow grumbles aside, we’ve found a little fond spot forming for the track ‘out of the surface’, a wonderfully microsected slice of glitch greenery and binary blippery that’s very much tutored and traced with an old skool aural assembling that hints ever so teasingly to the more abstract otherworldliness of say, Biosphere and Banco de Gaia (fear not related items for the latter mentioned are being carefully prepped for review in the coming days). Anyhow, in short, a 10-minute mesmeric perfect for headphones and immersion in a darkened room free from the maddening world of distraction with the promise of blissful solitude and dreamlike disconnection. The set incidentally is titled ‘Ganzfeld’.

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interlude …. Stereolab (again) ….

Inierlude …… Stereolab (again) ……

….. recent live session and interview for the Marc Riley show ……..

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