Okay its not the normal thing you’ll find us doing and yes we’ve mentioned the track and featured the video previously to much adoring, however just received a note from the folk over at Vukovar to say they’ll be playing a very special Liverpool date just ahead of the release of their fourth full length ‘puritan’ through brutalist house…..anyhow we’ll let them tell you all you need to know …. Safe to say we’ll be making a rare trip out to observe the happenings ……

‘Vukovar are releasing 4th LP ‘Puritan’ on the 25th October through The Brutalist House. There will be a launch at Maguire’s in Liverpool, with Rose McDowall (Strawberry Switchblade, Coil, The Sorrow, Spell, Current 93…) joining the pop act for this and a couple of shows in September, which is something for which words cannot do justice enough.

It features the spoken words of actor, screenwriter and man of taste Graham Duff, comes dressed in a beautiful, homoerotic and militaristic cover by Andrezj Klimowski and offers a window into a way of life that never really was. Songs of depravity and despair whittled from decaying old concrete; visions of a horrifying future and nostalgia for a time that never existed.

Tickets for the launch (the venue is small and we don’t want to have to send anybody away, so tickets will be a better option than trying to pay on the door).’  

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eric arn

Okay i’ll put my hands up on this one in openly admitting i dropped the ball. Currently scrambling around checking to see where this pesky laptop has seen fit to hide the download, might be a while mind so while we are busying ourselves with that task, here’s a little treat. This ‘un is from an album that’s been doing brisk business – we hope – for the feeding tube imprint entitled ‘orphic resonance’ by Eric Arn, this particular track being ‘pas d’une hélice’. Now as much as Mr Arn attempts as he might, to disfigure, gouge and waywardly fray the palette, you are still drawn undeterred, to the imagining of the ghost of John Fahey sitting on its shoulder. Vividly rich in its imagery of a rolling prairie idyll, there’s an expressive sunny radiance attaching throughout this day dreaming lazy eye, its rustic blues optimism flirts and flurries as it tumbles down the undulating rolls of this snoozing posie whereupon the calmly tranquil signatures of Loren Connors dwell whilst serenely counting clouds.     

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matti bye

As the evening draws deeper towards the witching hour, what better way to spend the moment than serenaded by the intimate beauty flowing forth from the finitely sparse grooving of ‘Absence’. A track  pulled from a forthcoming set heading out of the Tona Serenad imprint entitled ‘this forgotten land’ by Sweden’s most in demand film composer Matti Bye. In an age of fast product and commercialism, its heartening to hear something dappled and coloured in old school classicism, not  of this time, ‘absence’ is a whisper, more so, a fleeting apparition from a forgotten age, for atmosphere, mood and emotion pour forth here in abundance, poised and patterned in a sepia framed nostalgia, at once harking to an era of both black and white austerity and the velour of a celluloid golden age. At moments a hinting of Komeda flickers in the shadows, its abandoned rain drenched city lights by might ghosted in a cosmopoltan cold war spy noir touching.  Quite perfect if you ask me.

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chad vangaalen

Latest sneak peak escaping the grooves of the forthcoming happening from Chad VanGaalen, incidentally through Sub Pop entitled ‘light information’. This be ‘mind hijacker’s curse’ which i must admit has been colouring our listening space best part of the last quarter of an hour in all manner of twinkly starry lunar mosaics not to mention dancing prettily whilst cutting cosmically enhanced orbital shapes. In short a wonderful slice of easing off the gas lazy eyed bliss pop, hints of classic era Elephant 6 collective wooziness had the Flaming Lips turned  up on their roster albeit with a side serving of a youthful Animal Collective stirred in for good measure and a pinch of Astronauts flavouring the mix.

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Following our concerned words mourning the passing of the Hare and the Moon after eight years and the somewhat chill of silence therein of Grey Malkin, I think we may have inadvertently disturbed the slumber of some incoming darkly magical happening, for earlier today word reached us from the hand of Grey Malkin with announcements that plans are afoot for the numerous release projects. Among these, collaborations with various Stone Breath-ers as Wodelich, a new Floating World full length with Amanda Votta and working with United Bible Studies. However, before all that comes to fruition, the imminent unveiling of Mare is nearly upon us, a collective featuring the combined talents of David Colohan and Daughters of Grief, who thus far have made brief utterances courtesy of a teaser taster for a forthcoming long player on a recent Reverb Worship sortie entitled ‘reverberation’, which to untold grumbling here, we appear to have missed. A ghostly apparition in the shape of ‘a silver and circular corpse’ makes for superb seductive disquiet, whereupon the listener is taken to a place beyond imagination and understanding from where the atmospherics are chilled and steeled in the unearthly whilst blessed of a sound palette that teeters between the magical and the macabre. Here, ethereal whispers and the soft haunting of twilight shadows conspire and collude to grace a visitation that’s draped in a demurring spell craft that’s secreted behind the veil.

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Elvis …..

Elvis ….

If the memory holds, i remember the news of Elvis’ death coming through one summers night, 16th August 1977, it hit my mum like a hammer blow, the Memphis flash was gone. The summer holidays were over for me and our kid as she mourned the passing of her first love,a day trip to a rain sodden Southport next day was particularly bleak, the blur of Donna Summer on the jukebox and the unflattering images of a bloated ‘King’ on the covers of the tabloid rags will be a day i’ll never forget. Elvis had been an integral part of my musical education, Sunday lunch time while the dinneer was cooking my mum would fire up the hi-fi in the sitting room and for the next hour or so a stack of records peppered with the many ages of Elvis from the good to the bad would be played. As a child i’d marvel at the glossy sleeves, weathered and worn n’ well played, the EP’s and the LP’s all seemed cooler than anything else around, ‘Rock n’ Roll No 2’ being my favourite. Elvis was a force of nature, he was beyond music spearheading the 50’s American dream, the ultimate rags to riches tale bringing black music to predominantly white middle class homes, he  was dangerous and untamed, wild and raw. Forty years since his passing, the Elvis machine shows no sign of stopping, it might be right to say he’s more  successful and famous now than when he was alive with many of his fan base too young to remember his seating among the rock n’ pop elite top table. That an Elvis, out of the lime light for several years, nervous and unsure of his pull in a late 60’s scene that had, for all intents and purposes, left him behind should turn in one of the most iconic performances in rock’s history was a testament to the man, an event soaked in sex,humour and cool, you think i’m wrong, then dig out the Elvis ’68 tapes, this dude was burning. And so the 40th anniversary of his passing, an extended hit of Elvis as a mark of respect to the King.

curios …

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bobkat ’65

Frantically hitting all the buttons at once, this is the uber cool, ultra sexy and smoking cool new thing tumbling out of the get hip soundhouse. By Bobkat ’65 this is ‘this lonely road’ the lead track from their same named debuting full length platter. Twang-a-rama shimmer toning 60’s smouldered groove imbibed with death, deceit, double dealing jealousies and Ouija boards are i guess the ingredients stirred into this shadowy slice of soft psych seduction, any questions.

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