whispering sons

At this point I’m guessing you are fancying a little darkly harrowing psychedelia or at least something which the more lazy among you might well refer to as goth. Let us then introduce you to the glooming joys of Whispering Sons’‘hollow’. With its end game choreography and despair descending doom draped detailing, hell’s teeth this takes me back, Fields of the Nephilim are easy called to mind in an instant, that splintering and snaking siren call riffing howled with doomed portent cut straight from an early 90’s Killing Joke sonic sky fired strickening which on repeat on listens coils and tightens with an apocalyptic ashen more in tune with the Shamen’s ‘Jesus love Amerika’ to gather much like storm clouds in cataclysmic conspiracy.

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Isn’t this quite the cutie, just love the subtle shifting of the textures as they murmur and coo as though on some hitherto lost in the moment orbital, in truth had us much minded of Dark Captain Light Captain had they been retuned through the mercurial stylising eye of the late Susumu Yokota. Anyhow, this is Tycho who appears to do do a neat line in lights lowered glacial tipped nocturnal chic if that is, ‘Easy’ is anything to judge by, this one coming out through the collaborative sound house of both Mom + Pop Music and Ninja Tune, a new full length, as yet untitled is currently being prepped for release later in the year. https://soundcloud.com/tycho/tycho_easy/

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Ah, the luxury of the open, the wastelands, the nothingness; that solitary serene, just you, your thoughts and the landscape, in a silent conversation perhaps a simple stolen moment forming an understanding with that sense of your point, presence and perhaps, part in the grander scheme. There is a forever-ness here, a timelessness, a state of the quiet eternal where the here and now forms a bridge between the yesterdays now gone and the tomorrows to come. With a classicist clarity and an adept understanding of the use of space and poise in order to achieve the maximum effect of the majestic, the cinematic and most important of all, the forlorn and lonesome, this is Spaceship with a lengthy trailer that heralds the imminent arrival of ‘Outcrops’ through the much loved WIIWYA imprint towards the end of May where it’ll be available on both digital and vinyl platforms. File under epically glacial.

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plastic dance

Staying a little while longer with the finders keepers folks, more curios on the horizon courtesy of an imminent oddball compilation heading over the hill, the second volume of ‘plastic dance’ no less, among the track listing a seasoned gathering of freaksters and outsiders such as the excellent pragVEC, Gerry and the Holograms, George Atwell (who if memory serves me right, featured on the sound track to the early 80’s film ‘Hell’s Drivers’ but don’t quote me on that) and label regular Andrzej Korzynski who here serves up a delicious slice of mind frying freeform freakery in the shape of the VHS Video Nasty grooved voodoo noir of the lysergic ’Zombie House’. https://finderskeepersrecords.bandcamp.com/album/plastic-dance-volume-two

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jean-claude vannier

Thought lost, one of the key Record Store Day releases, for us at least, was an obscure Finders Keepers sortie featuring three cuts from a Jean Claude Vannier soundtrack for the ’83 French thriller ‘Le Bête Noire’. Pressed on limited slabs of seven inch vinyl, the release might well be seen as something of an oddball curio in Vannier’s exquisite canon, featuring two versions of the title track (opener and reprise variants), a sultry free jazz wig flipper coolly cut in the rhythmically awkward and contortionist tension toned vibe that had us in truth, much minded with immediately effect, of that rather spiffing Tubby Hayes outing (‘Voodoo session’) for Trunk a few years ago. Yet for all its pacey noir grizzled early 70’s colouring, we suggest you fast forward to to the wonderfully playful and rousing oompah of ‘Danse de la bête noire‘ whereupon drinking hall and Cabaret cultures collide with an irresistible Vaudeville kookiness. https://finderskeepersrecords.bandcamp.com/album/le-b-te-noire

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the heartwood institute

And as though that wasn’t enough, a little later into the future, release date unknown, the first stirrings of new happenings from the Heartwood Institute sound house. Again primed for PY hosting, this be ‘devil’s riders’ a teaser from an incoming full length titled ‘tomorrow’s people’, a strangely entrancing ethereal which while ghosted with a darkly beautiful aura is simultaneously distanced and locked in a forgotten 70’s time stamped yesterday below whose wistfully nostalgic sepia seasoned pastorals, there lurks a macabre subtext moving in the shadows and the mists, that whispers with a hushed menace, one for the Assembled Minds admirers among you I would have thought.

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detox twins

Also heading out of Polytechnic Youth, in about a week or so, on limited lathe cut press, this be the flip side of their (Detox Twins) forthcoming ‘Gravity’ release. Titled ‘Savage Frontier’ is it just me, or do we detect the morphing melodic intelligences of Karl Bartos and the Silver Apples affixed in the cool celestial programming next generation binary coded solar raptures crystal cut in a glacial suave and wired with a timeless automative tailoring.

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