lo five

Next up two tracks that where for the best part of Tuesday’s cautious visit to the hospital, in what can only be best described as performing a sonic tandem upon our sound player, both found, shall we say, pissing in the same musical pool but from opposite corners. First up lo five who you might recall from a spiffing outing for patterned air a little while back, is at present holed  up in a studio crafting sound palettes that will form what will be his next album, has just sneaked out ‘my house is my house’ – a collection of tracks which according to their author come from a place undone of the meticulous tailoring and confines of usual recording processes with a heavy emphasis on the word ‘fun’. Courting a definite retro vibe, this set gathers together four cuts of laid back smoking cool, ‘I think you need to leave’ particularly dusted in a classicist techno framing twinned in a silver age sepia phrasing that’s fondly moulded to a dreamy 70’s optimism. Likewise there’s a funky and slickly sophisticated nostalgia attaching to ‘It’s not that sort of party’ that hints of a pre trance KLF while opener, the seductively disarming ‘hi, welcome back’ has a super chilled grooving that might suggest a youthful minotaur shock spruced up and given a makeover by Emperor Penguin. Yet all said, for us it’s ‘please make yourself at home’ that had us here a tad smitten, not least because its lunar lounge sultriness had by these ears, the kind of tasty turn of phrase that one might have expected to hear emanating from a late 90’s Domino catalogue headed up by the likes of tele:funken. Questions and queries on a postcard to the usual address. https://lofivemusic.bandcamp.com/album/my-house-is-my-house-volume-one      

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Déclenchement Visages

Meanwhile back at feeding tube records, who we mentioned just a moment or so ago in passing, well loosely in that we mentioned meadow house, last out the door from this Massachusetts imprint, some unsettling tidings of unjoy from Déclenchement Visages. Frayed, fried, delightfully distracted and somewhat skewed is how you might prefer to view your first acquaintance with the twelve-minute freeform hi-jinks that is ’6.14.14’ – everything from frequency manipulations, ghostly intonations from the other side and a general all around oddness is present and in attendance here, all of which we suggest not to be listened to alone, at night in the dark which sadly we’ve just done with the result of near scaring and weirding the bejeezus out of us. Ho hum. https://feedingtuberecords.bandcamp.com/

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pull the plug

Seems great minds think alike, there we were worrying about the impromptu absence of the pull the plug folk from the airwaves and along pops a slightly delayed, yet all the more welcome sonic communication that includes two cuts from a Polytechnic Youth seal of approval’d platter by Middex with the inclusion of the icy ‘wayward tor’ and the readily more playful ‘yiewsley’, both of which we mentioned a day or so ago here. Sandwiched in between these brutalist bookends a dusting of meadow house whose ‘cutting’ seems as apt a sounding track for pull the plug as we’ve ever heard in so much as it a courts a distractively darkly weaved and dare we say, somewhat skewiff and off timed wonky folk lullaby that sits and grimaces somewhere between Lupen Crook channelling throbbing gristle / psychic TV, certainly something worth checking out if that is you can get past the grim reverie of it all. Next up Polymer Cities, who I suspect between all the absences and the various hullabaloo have sent downloads for albums we’ve inadvertently mislaid on the hard drive, anyhow this be ‘Data Rot 5’ which unless we’ve mistakenly had a knock to the head we weren’t aware of, sounds to these ears like some trip-a-delic slice of laid back psych funk mellowed uber chilled woozy monsterism island waywardness with cocktails served by the Beach Boys, I kid thee not. Last up, discounting that is the aforementioned Middex farewell, an oldie from Virgin Crunch with the excellently named ‘abortion of chips’ which if anything ought to appeal to you Midwich Youth Club / polymer cities and soft bodies loving folk and by rights ought to be brought out of the shadows of obscurity and dragged kicking and screaming into the light for a more considered appraisal. https://www.mixcloud.com/Resonance/pull-the-plug-15th-march-2018/

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Wire – re-issues and RSD box set …

‘Nine Sevens’ 7” vinyl box set
Release date: 21 April, 2018 (Record Store Day) on Pink Flag

Housed in a sturdy box with a beautiful cover concept by Bruce Gilbert, Nine Sevens is a unique set of nine 7-inch records that were recorded between 1977 and 1980. This strictly limited edition is a Record Store Day exclusive.

The box-set includes the six ground-breaking Wire singles that were originally released on the Harvest label, one released on Rough Trade, and one single recorded in 1980 that was never released on 7- inch. The set also includes the rare EP given away with the first pressings of 154. Everything is freshly remastered from the original archive analogue sources, and comes packaged in the original picture sleeve designs.

The singles will be individually released digitally after Record Store Day but will not be compiled on a singles or greatest hits album.

Mannequin (Pfs1) – Mannequin/ Feeling Called Love / 12XU
IAmTheFly(Pfs2) –IAmTheFly/ExLionTamer
Dot Dash (Pfs3) – Dot Dash / Options R
Outdoor Miner (Pfs4) – Outdoor Miner / Practice Makes Perfect
A Question Of Degree (Pfs5) – A Question Of Degree / Former Airline
Map Ref. 41°N 93°W (Pfs6) – Map Ref. 41°N 93°W / Go Ahead
Our Swimmer (Pfs7) – Our Swimmer/ Midnight Bahnhof Café
154 EP (Pfs8) – Song 1/ Get Down pts 1&2/ Let’s Panic Later/ Small Electric Piece
2nd Length (Pfs9) – 2nd Length (Our Swimmer)/ Catapult 30

Pink Flag’ / ‘Chairs Missing’ / ‘154’ special edition CD books
Release date: 18 May, 2018 on Pink Flag

These are the definitive re-releases. Each album is presented as an 80-page hardback book – the size of a 7-inch, but obviously much thicker. After a special introduction by Jon Savage, Graham Duff provides insight into each track. These texts include recording details, brand-new interviews with band members, and lyrics.
The original album is presented on its own CD, accompanied by discs that feature relevant extra tracks: singles; B-sides; demos; and many previously unreleased songs. Pink Flag is a two-CD set; Chairs Missing and 154 have three CDs each. All audio has been painstakingly remastered (or, in some cases, mastered for the first time).

This stunning set of presentations also includes a range of images from the archive of Annette Green. Wire’s official photographer during this period, Green also shot the covers for Pink Flag and Chairs Missing. Promotional and informal imagery – in colour and black and white – is featured throughout the books. Most of the photographs have not been seen for 40 years – and many have never been published any- where before.
These special editions are something every Wire fan will want to own.

Track listings for the special edition releases can be found at http://pinkflag.com/specialeditions/.
The Special Editions will be launched with a question & answer/signing session at Rough Trade East, London onSat 19th May (check www.roughtrade.com for more information).

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Again, not sure if we’ve previously touched on this, if not then fill your boots with its mind dissolving astral planning, if on the other hand we have, well goes to show you that you just can’t keep a good slab of spacey dandiness down. This is new through fuzz club by Dreamweapon entitled ‘mashinne’ taken from their recently released ‘SOL’ full length. Far be it for us to say that this has a whiff of the Sunray’s about its wares, another name from a long list of missing in action folk of late, fear not we will do some rummaging and report back in due course. Anyhow, back to Dreamweapon, you might want to buckle up for this because it really is a tasty slice of trip-a-delica, 11 minutes in length, a complete mind expansive and out of body astral work out amid whose reclining raptures of trance toning mystic mosaics one or two of us just might not be returning back home from.

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Expect occasional Polytechnic Youth sightings in the coming days, in fact there may be a few parked rather hastily after this one, or as the case may be, two tracks from Middex, an oldie and a newie both of which as far as I recall, we haven’t featured thus far. Isn’t there meant to be an album out, guess we’ve missed that one too in all the recent hullaballoo – ho-hum. Anyhow first up, ‘Yiewsley’ – the most recent visual posting, finds the Middex folk in a playful mood cooking up locked grooving lullabies from as were monochrome 70’s children’s TV mosaics, tis all very sparse and spartan though attractively alluring and hypnotic in a sleepy headed clock working type way.            

‘wayward tor’ on the other hand, we might well have encountered in a previous life, has the Middex dudes reverting to type and courting their familiar bleakly beset cold wave surveillance pop routine, an iced cold warning call both detached and isolationist, easily filed near early Human League mark one.

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records – cosmic, curious and cracked

Staying with Resonance FM, we eyed the kookily named ‘records cosmic, curious and cracked’- a truly tasty mixed bag of vintage groove mostly from the shellac age all plucked, polished and played by host Jack Thorington, who provides a dandy trawl through the back waters of his no doubt extensive record collection, this latest edition – 13/3.18’s therein appearing to be a stomp themed fest replete and awash with all manner of hillbilly mountain jigs, smoking bossa nova, Irish flings and the Twist. Amid the playlist a seasoning of selections from Joey Dee and Starliters, Ry Cooder and a killer mooching thing by King Oliver and his Dixie Syncopators going by the name ‘Slowboat Shuffle’ – aa little thing penned by Duke Ellington which you can find on an excellent compilation called ‘Black Chicago’ which should you get the chance to track down we suggest you immediately fast forward and seek out ‘Black Snake Blues’ – very Calloway. https://www.mixcloud.com/Resonance/records-comic-curious-and-cracked-13th-march-2018/

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