winter solstice

Returning back with that superb compilation put out by Vanguardista entitled ‘Winter Solstice’ – really is a most impeccable harvesting of talent and something that we briefly mentioned way back here an 11 eleven track gathering, which to complete the round up I think we’ll work backwards through the track listing, which means old friends Transmission 13 are first up on the inspection block courtesy of the celestial visitation that is ‘northern lights’. Softly stirred in symphonic swirls, this orbital cortege demurs and dances all the time frosted and stilled in the realms of the airless heavens, its mesmeric murmurs tuned to a divinely graceful pageantry that’s sublimely cut to a silently statuesque sculpturing. The slow to unfurl gem that is casual strangers’ ‘palindrome’ is equally dispatched and flavoured in lunar pirouettes, a kosmische ghost light replete with pristinely dipped in ice cooled flurries of pulsing cosmic pastorals. Spectral night lights spliced in a cavernous dub draped detailing be the order of the day for Ivan Black’s softly majestic ‘Skara Brae Solstice’ for here there’s almost a curiously affecting spiritual radiance emerging from the eerie twilight fogginess pulsing as though a navigational point of light guiding the lost from out of the darkness. Antonio de Braga’s ‘frozen waves’ almost had us of a mind to go rummaging around for our prized Inch Time and Minotaur Shock platters for comparison for we must admit we were taken by the hypnotic glitch ghosted minimalist thaw that’s afoot here which at around the 3.32 mark delicately blossoms from its chill tipped framing into something warmly inviting and cosied in celestial choruses and in so doing retunes it to Manual like frequencies. Second mention this missive / week alone, the out of hibernation New Apostles currently sporting a new album ‘Antiquarian Medical Texts’ usher forth with the alluring dark mystic ‘lonely water’ whose stately and crystalline shadowy settings find them freefalling in to domains of the Church. Perhaps the darkest and grandest moment of the collection, Wolfgang Merx’s ‘second winter’ is steeled in forlorn atmospherics, at once majestic and monolithic, this captivating dark kosmische star emerges from out of the eclipsing shadow of Tangerine Dream, beautifully remote, lonesome and abundantly lush in the bruising spray of opining overtures, immaculate in a word. Which all leaves Guitar PK to bring closure to this essential gathering with ‘Spiral Eye’, which I must admit, viewed in a certain light, leaving aside the Floyd-isms that is, has a certain loose and dreamy feel attaching that would suggest something of a hitherto secret studio face-off between a certain Andy Summers and Vini Reilly.

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Interlude …. endless days of Christmas …. Day 16 … the Wailers, the Galaxies, grace potter and the nocturnals, jerry and the landslides, the youngsters, the Jaguars, the Go Go’s …..

Interlude …. endless days of Christmas …. Day 16 … the Wailers, the Galaxies, grace potter and the nocturnals, jerry and the landslides, the youngsters, the Jaguars, the Go Go’s …..

The wailers ….

the Galaxies …

grace potter and the Nocturnals …..

jerry and the landslides ….

the youngsters ….

the Jaguars …

the go go’s …. 

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V​/​A : The Invisible & Divided Sea

many apologies to the Bearsuit folk whose last release of the year ‘v​/​A : The Invisible & Divided Sea’ we’ve thus far neglected to mention, hopefully we’ll get a chance to inspect it fully over the weekend, though failing that shortly after the silly season. Anyway, to whet your appetites a little two-way starter to get you intrigued / puzzled / indifferent – delete as applicable. We’ll start this brief mention with the end groove track, by Manga Bros, ‘Testosterone (Uncle Pops & The Dumbloods Remix)’ is a strangely woozy weird ear, constantly shape shifting and pulling the comfort rug from beneath your feet, its shadowy chamber grooving part sinister part playful, forges a curious sinister tension that at once knits and unravels with dark seduction twisting and morphing like a distant forgotten cousin from Bowie’s ‘the lodger’. PoProPo will, trust me on this, drive you to distraction, for ‘when suddenly the organ joins in’ is indelibly fried n’ freaked with the yabbering disconnection of surreally schizoid and scatter-brained rhythmic contortions sourced from a curious sonic cocktail chiefly made up of kooky binary breakdowns and off the wall weirdly funk struck power house electronica. As said more soon.

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bobby funk

Time for a spot of irreverent up close and personal agit gouged and grizzled punk impishness don’t you think. This be Falmouth based Bobby Funk with the ‘pierced Morgan’ which I’m suspecting is not meant as a homage but more of two fingered pogoing poke in the eye, clearly these folk were reared up on the old school hardcore ways of the early 80’s a la black flag and discharge, ending up sounding like Mayhem and Public Disgrace with just a smidgeon of the Parkinsons thrown in for good measure.

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you, the night and the music

As mentioned in some random postings on our face book page, that promised latest edition of you, the night and the music, this one a two-hour feast of selections from the previous 12 months are convenient laid out in alpha order, in fact Mat promises several of these ‘best of’s’ over the Christmas period, this particular show taking in the A to F part of this Festive look back. I’m sure you don’t need me waffling on about all the contents lurking within, we’ve pretty much covered these, some in great detail in previous despatches. However, that said, best get a wiggle on with those that annoyingly escaped our gaze, stuff like the zonked out woozy freakery of the Band whose name is a symbol, I mean how did we miss this, very Riot Season-y and wasted. Fairly certain that Capra Informis didn’t trouble these pages, a quite stunning mysterio revealed of a dark ages progressive psych colouring, one for those Rise Above admirers among you I shouldn’t wonder. What can we say about Cavalier Song’s ‘shields’ – quite immaculate, as the show’s host points out very Mark E Smith albeit channelling both Shatner and Burroughs, the music though, stilled and sprayed in an adoring pastoral regency. Next up, Cobra Family Picnic of whom we will say, we will be checking out at our earliest convenience for ‘Gilgamesh’ is one delightfully wigged freak storm of 70’s stonery while Domboshawa pull out some trippy mind arranging cosmic wooziness with the aptly titled ‘far beyond’. Now I’m still scratching head wondering how on earth we missed E Gone first time of asking, emerging from the shadow of the Memory Band, these dudes do a neat line in rambling lolloping rustics while Father Sky, Mother Earth round out this first best of instalment with a frankly jaw dropped slab of brooding dronal majestics that pisses in similar pools to that of Thot, here with the superbly slavish and monolithic slow burn epic ‘across the river of time’.

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pull the plug

I know we always say this, but is the latest edition of pull the plug the best yet, well it’s certainly ticking all our listening boxes and we aren’t just saying that because we get a very unexpected and appreciated mention near the start of the show, my my we feel so humbled now. Anyway, enough of the gushing, this edition is a return to a mainly guitar and flu based show that features two killer cuts of breezily authentic 60’s psych from Lucille Furs with both ‘sunset moons’ and ‘alabaster crayon’ providing for a wonderfully woozy koolly kaleidoscopic mirage of west coast baroque drifts hinting elements of Strawberry Alarm Clock and the Left Banke not to mention the Zombies. Next up the Stroppies, who alone judging on ‘gravity is stern’, might be worth the time and patience tracking down their album, this ‘un coming traced and trimmed to a more beat purred power popped throb that hints a tad of both Belly and the Breeders as though retooled and overseen by Sam Prekop. I must admit to being a little mortified to discover that Lake Ruth have sneaked out a limited cassette release through French imprint wewant2wecord. So, while we have a little listen and prep something for a future mention, there’s a brief taster here in the shape of ‘the frozen aisle’ – a beautifully pirouetting slice of noir tinged 60’s baroque imagined from a would be meeting of a youthful Broadcast and Beautify Junkyards. Rounding out the set, something that we’ve been a tad adoring of, since that is it came into our listening space, ‘heads’ by Janvy of which we’ll just say ought to tick the boxes of those Beaulieu Porch loving folk among you. Last up for the mentions, shock Morrissey in decent track spoiler alert, as the saying goes, even a stopped clock is right twice day, guess there was bound to be something from Moz that would strike a favourable chime someday, I’ll be honest in saying I’ve been left cold with everything he’s done since returning in the 00’s after a brief exile, but this ‘un – ‘home is a question mark’ be its name is gloriously stirring stuff, a bruised but unbowed shadow traced cinematic torch anthem and with that the end of another well-heeled transmission.

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forty foot pipe

Just a very brief heads up for this before we head out into the cold for a spot of 9 to 5 work tedium with harsh flu intact, fear not we’ll be returning to this on our return. New seasonal sonic gift wraps from the loved Small Bear imprint, this be their Christmas box of delights entitled ‘unknown presents’. Title and minimalist sleeve aside, are we detecting a Joy Division theme / vibe afoot here, well not immediately apparent on the flurry of tracks we’ve had the chance to breeze through, however forty foot pipe’s ‘Christmas in the fens’ with its head in the clouds not a care in the world nonchalance, does hint of a youthful post JD New Order atmospherique, with its cascading post rock out shimmering’s ushering in something of a hypno grooved and deceptively dreamy fixed point snow tipped stillness.


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