body / head

no info on these folk other than to say that this is a track pulled from their forthcoming Matador happening ‘the switch’, they be called Body / Head and this be called ‘you don’t need’ – been doing a fair amount of damage in the affection stakes i can tell you for this ‘un comes detailed in a primitive gouging whose drone shimmer toning is scalped in a fracturing no waved psych blues haloing that imagines a would be secret  alliance between the much missed Virgin Passages and Bill Horist with just the merest nods of a youthful Suicide muddying the mix for good measure.

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Not wishing to shower any favouritism like it’s not as if we are hinting heavily on a preferred child, but felt we had to mention this, not least because it’s so fringe flipping freaky but also to serve as a self-administered kick up the hide to oneself as to what happens when you don’t pay particular attention to the contents of your inbox. This is Hibushirire captured in all their live white out glory from a recent rare appearance at the Birmingham Hare and Hounds recently. Their Riot Season endorsed set ‘Freak out Orgasm’ from last year we missed to much grumbling and gnashing of teeth, is still flying out of the RS sound house on it’s umpteenth repress. Certainly something that ought to appeal to those of you fully versed and much admiring in the ways of the more stoned out fried psych happenings of the Acid Mothers……

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black helium

Quite frankly this is what you need in your life as a matter of urgent necessity right now, a new hulking stereophonic shroomer from Black Helium courtesy of those taste making folk over at Riot Season. A debut album no less, alas the information is a little scant, but word has it that ‘primitive fuck’ is pencilled in to land sometime late July. For now, the smoking ‘curtains at the mausoleum’ has just been sent ahead on scouting duties, a 9 minute chemically hazed colossus of mind morphing intent tripping third eye astral planes all the time crafting out a mesmeric mosaic of subliminal head messaging via slo-mo psych dream machine dissipates which all said ought to see it comfortably filed between your Cheval Sombre and Fuxa treasures.


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the essex green

Responsible for a fair amount of swooning and feinting around these parts since first veering into our listening orbit, alas we still can’t put our hands or indeed, eyes to the press email which accompanied it. Anyhow, this be the Essex Green who, if I recall rightly, often figured in these pages many years ago. This their latest entitled ‘Sloane Ranger’ comes pulled from an imminent set for Merge due the end of the month and going by the title ‘Hardly Electronic’. In all honesty, I’ve not heard anything vaguely coming close to contesting this one’s contention for the award of being the sound of summer, at once attractively slick, effervescent, deftly daubed in the just the right amount of lysergic toning that’s all served with the subtlest sly kick and then phrased with a homely yet altogether familiar 50’s bubble grooving that literally beams feel good at each passing riff strut.  

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baron farg

this ‘un loosely came our way via an email from, I think, Bido Lito, variously publicising future live events, one of which a rare appearance by Baron Farg at 81Renshaw in July. Anyway, for those unfamiliar with the Baron here’s his latest offering ‘Electron Vortex Wave’ – a dandy slice of noir dub ambience all said, kind of youthful Plaid in cahoots with a shadowy Biosphere, darkly atmospheric and cooled seductively in a sultry spacey spy like grooving…..

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Here’s one that sneaked beneath our radar in our absence, heading out of the Drag City sound factory who incidentally have an excellent John Renbourn set from ’78 ready to drop shortly. This is Drinks with the delightfully dinky and wayward ‘Corner Shop’ a track culled from their just out ‘hippo lite’ full lite, a little something I’m suspecting we need in our like yesterday or sooner. Cut cutely with a more than attractively distractive post punk sparseness as though for all the world its been jettisoned from 1980, there’s something of …and the native hipsters ruminating around its spidery fashioning with a more than welcome side serving of the Slits and the Raincoats, so what’s not to love them eh ……

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audio albion

Just started reading Stephen’s promising tome ‘wandering through the spectral fields’ in tandem with ‘discovering Scarfolk’, ‘England’s Dreaming’, ‘seasons in the sun’ and ‘not in front of the children’ – so that explains the nightmares and the bizarre 70’s obsessed nostalgia – whilst reasoning with a failing laptop and likewise trying to secretly understand cat given our feline friend has of late, become increasingly vocal to the point that I’m getting concerned that I’m being scolded for some minor misdemeanour or other, its what the enlightened refer to as multi-tasking. Anyway, back to the book briefly which in an around about way leads us neatly to the latest report issued forth through his critically cool A Year in the Country imprint. Latest sonic missive goes by the name ‘Audio Albion’ – as ever available in both dawn and night editions, we’ll be sitting with this in the coming days for a longer listening session, yet for now treat this as a brief welcoming teaser with a twin set tasting of eerie. First up Keith Seatman who I’m certain whose latest has crossed our review desk during our recent absence, we will rest assured locate for loving shortly. For now, the haunting spectral that is ‘Winter Sands’ – one for the Melmoth the Wanderer admirers I would have thought, fashioned in twilight twinkles, its dissolving dream like palette chartering as were, mystical waterways beyond the veil, it’s here where nothing seems real, to world’s where imagination and dream collide into a perpetually shifting cortege seasoned in ghostly carousels and macabre mosaics. Propping up the rear entrance to this excellent set, you’ll find Vic Mars’‘Dinedor Hill’ removed of his trademark bucolic flavouring instead opting to forge a wonderfully psychotropic pulsar within whose core hive mind there sprays lost transmissions of as were, lonesome love noted distress calls into the cosmic ether, something which all said, had these ears appreciably joining the dots to Echoboy’s celebrated ‘scene 30’.set from a time when we were oh so much younger.

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