edward penfold

Of course Edward Penfold should need no introduction here. Pulled from his imminent ‘denny isle drive’ full length, this is the demurring pop classicism that is ‘garden fresh’, here he swaps his usually uncanny Barrett-esque whimsy for the daydreamy drift of something lullingly drizzled in a reclining watching the world genteely float by vibing and dusted in a caressing sweet melancholia, references here being the Brigadier, the Heart Strings and most obvious of all, Oddfellows Casino. All very much utterly adorable.


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Ouzo Bazooka

Next up the wigged out sounds of Ouzo Bazooka with ‘Yolar’ a track culled from a January pencilled EP set called ‘songs from 1001 nights’ – now this snake charming gem starts out initially sounding like the intro to some forgotten Gerry Anderson 60’s  TV show before going all trippy and fringe flipping, daubing the listening space in all manner of Marrakesh mosaics. All this interspersed by a brief break in intermission whereupon all the mind arranging mysticism suddenly gives over to some neatly noodled Dale / Wray like twang before going all bonged out and sounding much like something dropped from one of those killer vault digging compilations of rare near lost Turkish psych outs.

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dubi dolczek

three smokers from the Stolen Body folk …..

… first up Dubi Dolczek with another track taken from his recently released ‘Dubi In Space Part 1: The Emerald Gauntlet’ – this one’s called ‘only human’ – a wonderfully woozy n’ wonky slice of floaty cosmic tropicalia, very trippy and laid back, bit like a bonged out Superimposers cooking up strangely alluring soft centred lunar gospels, is that the sadly underused theremin we hear opining in the back ground, tis all stupidly infectious if a little frazzled and wayward.

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schizo fun addict

Just a very brief reminder that this is currently airing on soundcloud, Schizo Fun Addict’s simply immaculate ‘the Sun Yard’ – originally released Christmas Day 2013 and blessed with a super limited 100 only CD pressing via Fruits de Mer the following year, the album has been taken out of safe storage in celebration of Fruit de Mer’s 10th anniversary whereupon its been pressed up on variously limited edition slabs of vinyl – see further readings for more info or visit http://www.fruitsdemerrecords.com/index.html


 further reading …..


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New groove from Autumn of whom I’m a tad mystified to discover, haven’t as yet, as far as I recall at least, had cause to trouble these pages thus far. ‘the fall’ flirts around the same shadowlands where lurk Tulipomania, very much tuning into the hatefully termed ‘goth’ scene of the early 80’s, we always preferred the tag positive punk but that’s another story. Freefalling into the brutally beautiful terrains where once March Violets dwelled, ‘the fall’ is emotionally crushed and cooled in a simmering turbulence that ripples, bites and scowls whilst trapped by its own despairing psychosis. Same track is opened by a superb retread by William Faith called ‘broken rmx’ which amid a chill toned electro flashing descends a club land smoker whose seduction nods to Noblesse Oblige. That said, it’s ‘before and after’ – in the old days what would have been duly described as the flip cut that caught us blindside, its delicately alluring crystalline threading ghost lit in a sensitivity and intimacy that’s tenderly bruised to recall the much missed Ex Post Facto.  https://autumn-us.bandcamp.com/album/the-fall-single

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Away from assembling handsome headphonic delights for his ‘you the night and the music’ show – fear not our eye off the ball has been duly noted too much distress, Mat Handley can be found lurking in the shadows of various basements, cellars and undisclosed hidey holes crafting cosmic symphonies such as this one, which came our way via a slightly concerning note whose opening greeting read thus – ‘you may (or may not!) be interested in this…. a bit more experimental than what I would normally put out there as Pulselovers’. Unbeknownst to him, we’ve had this wired up to everyone’s satellite dish and much like a scene from a late 70’s ‘Quatermass’ story, have been directing the sounds on an epically grand footing skywards so that its looping tonalities have been reverberating across the cosmic divides like some hitherto galactic SOS call sign. This is minimalism scored on a maximum scale, almost hymnal in its serene reverence – anybody noticed the church bell like resonances, certainly leviathan like as it mesmerically murmurs sedating all with its hypnotic purring, in short, a distant cousin of Sonic Boom and Sunray’s ‘dreammachine’ collaboration from a few years ago with the stature and stateliness of say, ‘2001 a space odyssey’ thrown in for good measure. Anyhow it be called ‘noise from under the house’.


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tara king th.

New happenings from the adored Moon Glyph sound house, this time a long overdue return visit by Tara King th. with ‘stellar fantasies’. As ever, a strictly limited cassette pressing from off which has been sent ahead on scouting duties ‘stellar journey’. Something of a rarefied vintage phrased gem that ought to be on the radar of folk preferring their sounds somewhat straying into terrains occupied by, say Lake Ruth and the Tomorrow Syndicate, while similarly courting an acutely cooling kosmische classicism that imagines a very youthful Soundcarriers retuning Broadcast’s shadowy palette of silver age 60’s space pop and imagined futuristic TV soundtracks.

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