leaves of absence

Something else that’s been quietly forming little hatchling in our listening consciousness is a track peeled from a compilation called ‘C O L O R S Q U A D 0 2’ being put out by the Ukrainian imprint Colour Squad, incidentally free to download. This is ‘purple’ by leaves of absence, might take a few listens, on first approach it does, I’ll admit, sound darkly macabre, but stay with it for amid the petrified reach of frosted shadows, something truly magical manifests in the blurring haze, for amid the cavernous ice frosted atmospherics, a fracturing enchantment woozily weaves amid the dissipating dream drifts, at least it does for us. https://soundcloud.com/stupidcolorsquad/leaves-of-absense-purple

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reto a ichi

Absolutely smitten with this, something of an off-shoot alter ego of Guillermo Scott Herren nee prefuse 73, a two-disc set by Reto A Ichi will see ‘alone moving often’ following in hot pursuit of ‘the lapse of exchange’ – both due to land next month and November. The project is inspired by Zaotichi – ‘… a blind masseur, gambler and skilled swordsman from Japanese film + T.V…’ – a character created by Kan Shimozawa and the subject of some 20 plus films throughout the 60’s and 70’s as well as a long running TV series. From those sets, ‘a sword in the rain’ has been sent ahead on reconnaissance, a beautifully amorphous shimmer tone seductively spooled in a tripping tailoring of whisper like floating mirages, its lightly toned touch shadow flecked in a dissolving down tempo detailing cloaked in an after dark noir sultriness. https://retoaichi.bandcamp.com/track/a-sword-in-the-rain   

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wil bolton

Staying with Wil Bolton as promised, this is the opening track from a newly peeled set for hidden values entitled ‘night paths’, this being the deceptively dreamy ghost light ‘yesterday’s clouds’. What we’ve always admired about at the work of Wil Bolton has been its unerring ability to sit you somewhere else, a soundtrack for your own quiet place. Graceful and remote, each chord and each tremble here hangs longingly to life, a softly hushed conversation hazily filtering choral mosaics and a hypnotically snaking riff ramble bond to create an ethereal flutter by through whose eyeline an imagining of hidden retreats and hidey holes peering out onto beautified landscapes is brought to vivid vision.    

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wil bolton and ian hawgood

many apologies to Wil Bolton, who i’m very certain was in touch via email recently with details of two releases he’s currently involved with, which i’m most embarrassed to have to admit, we’ve momentarily lost in the great bulging in box of things to be read, heard and responded to. So while we have a rummage, here are two quietly shy teasers, the first of which is peeled from a collaborative set with Ian Hawgood entitled ‘transparancies’ courtesy of the delectable ‘humanity’. A delicately serene ice sculptured beauty glazed with hints of the orient, the shimmered alignment of bowed instrumentation and the genteel peel of the measured and murmured dronal dimples courting a stilled enchantment that’s softly stirred in a slowly awakening twilight radiance, quite beguiling if you ask me.

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the lovely eggs

spikily scuzzed out glam gouged grooviness from arch imps the Lovely Eggs, this be the prickly party pack that is ‘I shouldn’t have said that’ – in short, a briefly brazen slab of paint bombed art fuzzed cosmic punk that’s set to flip wigs sometime November. An album is imminent in the guise of ‘this is Eggland’.


The duo will be taking to selected stages across this fine land in late October …. dates are here ….


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… and did we just mention Polypores in passing a second or so ago. Up on his sound cloud page you’ll find a newly downloadable posting of a recent live set performed at the Ferret a week or two ago. A twenty-seven-minute astral glide, its trajectory, the far corners of the cosmic undiscovered, in many ways it sounds like a farewell transmission from the stricken Cassini as it runs, powered by solar vapours, on an end course to oblivion to be consumed by the toxic Saturnian atmosphere. At once mournful, monumental and majestic, Polypores weaves a star sighed symphony ghosted in adventure, discovery and hope, a kosmische waltzer demurred in dreamy dissipates and more than a nostalgic whiff of space age wonder. https://soundcloud.com/polypores/live-at-the-ferret-100917

polypores also pops up on a stunning mix set cobbled together by the impulse array folk. Alas not downloadable, ‘all the leaves are black – autumnal mix’ is an hour long gathering of dream drifted voyages and cosmic tech funk, among the treats here are Dopplereffekt, pye corner audio, lorn and Simon Heartfield, who assuming we’ve gotten our timings right,  the latter mentioned is here found doing a very neat FortDax-ian turn on the wonderfully pastoral-tronica of ‘malice of inanimate objects’. https://soundcloud.com/impulsearray/all-the-leaves-are-black-autumnal-mix

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landshipping / metrotone / tonfedd oren

A much welcomed message from out of the blue I must admit, from Mr John Brenton, better known of course to us mere mortals, in his many musical alter egos as – well take your pick from – Landshipping, Metrotone, OJN, Tonfedd Oren etc…. Anyhow seems Mr Brenton has been recently recording with Anthony ISAN – the last time these two collaborated was way back on a Landshipping release, the flip cut all told entitled ‘penguin new writing’ for the Liquefaction imprint. Such is our fondness for all these sonic guises we’ve cobbled together a special interlude,though before you dive headlong into that, we suggest you take a wee earful of a rather intriguing acoustic version of ‘Blue Monday’ that’s currently looming on his soundcloud space at  https://soundcloud.com/landshipping/blue-monday-acoustic-new-order – really is worth checking out given its ghosted in a breezily lolloping aura which veers ever so delicately into Damon and Naomi and Cheval Sombre terrains, its folk-ish whispers retracking New Order’s accusatory finger in favour of a more inquisitive mellowing.  

Metrotone ….

Landshipping …..

Metrotone …

Landshipping …..

Tonfedd oren ….

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