interlude …..

interlude ….

martin o’cuthbert …..

electronome …..

tres …..

kitchens of distinction ….. the superior Peel session version …. is it me or does this sound like a young Psychedelic Furs …. just me then ……

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Originally released on cassette via Squall Recordings, alas long since sold out, the latest to the sleep FUSE synth family is the ‘Planetarivm’ EP by cold wave Chileans, Satis. As ever strictly limited in nature, just 30 numbered copies, this version finding itself somewhat expanded with the addition of a previously unreleased sixth track. for us though, we’ve been mildly taken by ‘Astropactvm’, a mutant slice of monochrome dark wave, whose ice cold shadowplay is grizzled in a glacial club floor throb that’s erstwhile branded with an early 80’s time stamp and which comes cut and fused by the cross wiring automaton grooved DNA’s of DAF and Joy Division. and

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the ego ritual

newly peeled video to accompany the track ‘days of set’ which you’ll find on the Ego Ritual’s self titled debut EP through Kool Kat Music which unless I’m very much mistaken we mentioned with much fondness here Still, by our reckoning, a bit of a nifty slice of bliss forming and mind warping kosmick eye ear candy which to these lugs still whiffs of Rush (no bad thing there then) in a kaleidoscopic cosy in with the Luck of Eden Hall, one which I suspect will prick the interest of folk attuned to the tripping tapestries of a young Magic Bus.

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green seagull

Is it just me, or are those Mega Dodo dudes going through a rather vivid purple patch at the moment. No sooner do we manage to prise the ‘Wyrd Kalender’ compilation from our over affectionate turntable, then along comes a wowzer from the Honey Pot and now the Green Seagull. Fear not for the Pots’ are simmering nicely on the review back burner just now, but damn, this Green Seagulls twinset is a dandy. Pressed in a limited edition of 300 7’s all on green vinyl – like what else, the band are currently holed up in a secret location applying the top coat for what will be their, as yet untitled, second full length, pencilled in for later in the year release through Mega Dodo. By way of a taster, ‘Simeon Brown’ and ‘Belladonna’ have been sent ahead to do the necessary falling down with dizziness and arresting duty, truth be told we’re still reeling from their Left Banke like Christmas 7 for the Snowflakes Christmas Club last year. However, typical of these things, we’ve been immediately taken by the latter mentioned, the ‘Belladonna’ flip if you like, a festooning of fuzz stoked grooviness immediately drawn of a love for the Zombies, swirling keys kissed with a shades adorned authentic 60’s beat pop savvy which not for the first time during this evenings listening thus far, has sided a kinship with the Wicked Whispers with a tracing hint of a younger Hanging Stars. As to the A side, an olde English eccentric psychedelic peculiar, for ‘Simeon Brown’ is adored with a radiantly cheery bandstand blossoming that’s charmed with a c. ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ era McCartney-esque artistry dovetailed with a Kinks meets Tomorrow vibing which all said is similairly seasoned with the same precocious soft psych pop pristine that you might find yourself encountering on releases by the likes of the Brigadier and the utterly disarming Beaulieu Porch.

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the lemon clocks

okay last one from the FdM folk for a day or two, here’s one of those ultra scarce lathe happening that’s due to land any day soon. Available to ‘select members of Fruits de Mer appreciation club’, there’s just 50 of these being pressed, all on lathe cut picture discs, invites from the label are, we are reliably informed, due to hit inbox’s soon. By the Lemon Clocks, it’s a two track affair, featuring ‘the open mind’ and ‘the beginning of the end’ – the latter teased here with the briefest of excerpts which as over as it is before its scarcely had a chance to begin, gives adequate indication of what’s afoot, something I’m thinking that ought to appeal to those Wicked Whispers lovers among you in so much as its deliciously frayed and phrased in an authentic kaleidoscopic kooling. Now just where are those Autumn Leaves platters for closer comparison when you need them?

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the 16th dream of dr sardonicus

In addition to Moon Goose and Astralasia, there’s also a chance to revisit the highs, woes and wows of last years Fruits de Mer and Sendelica co-curated ‘Dr Sardonicus Festival’. Again, being prepped for weekend review (or earlier – we’ll see how things go) another 4 sided vinyl must have I’m afraid that features spots by Nik Turner’s New Space Ritual, Sendelica, The Alain Pire Experience, The Fellowship Of Hallucinatory Voyagers, Stay, Elfin Bow, Consterdine, I Am Voyager 1 and these chaps, who if memory serves, we featured only recently to much hurrah, the Fertility Cult who feature here with ‘Cosmic Kaishakunin’ and do a neat take on the whole Sendelica / Acid Mothers things albeit as though forcefed through the third eye of a particularly freakish and freeform Blue Cheer doing stoned out astral jazz cosmica.

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Alongside that recently mentioned debut Moon Goose outing via Strange Fish / Fruits de Mer – see there’s the promised addition of a further brace of releases, one of which by Astralasia is an epic remix retrospective of sorts entitled ‘a different kettle of fish’. A hulking double disc set pressed on coloured vinyl featuring a gathering of ten makeovers, rehashes and mind warping mosaics all of which we’ll be mentioning in greater detail later in the week. For now, here’s a brief teaser courtesy of a tripadelic remould that appeared on the CD accompanying the pre Christmas released Chemistry Set ‘Firefly’ 7 inch, the quite barking and bonged out ‘timothy leary forever (legend of a mind)’

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