Promised to grab the sound links for this little nugget earlier in the week, the forthcoming happening from the much loved cae gwyn imprint – this ‘cloudy leftovers’ by palenco a mention of which you can mooch over whilst you listen by hooking up to here and here

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Scheduled to crash land on a passing comet, Rosetta’s 14-year space mission comes to a close early tomorrow morning (GMT). The craft along with its partner Philae set out in 2004, its mission statement to study comets and in so doing achieve a greater understanding as to the origins of the universe. Its mission now complete, to mark its achievement and act, somewhat as a memorial, Vangelis was invited to write a score marking its legend. A double album set, ‘rosetta’ is Vangelis’ homage to this feat of mankinds desire for knowledge, as it hints on the tin ‘rosetta’s waltz’ is a lushly toned and captivating symphonic Wurlitzer, a lonesome orbital serenading a courtship between rosetta and comet 67p, a majestic, a panoramic and just a tad, tearfully touching finale.


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kate bush -live album…..

Due for release as November falls via fish people, something that promises to be an audio phonic delight, a mammoth set spread across three CD’s and four wax discs featuring a live recording of Kate Bush from her acclaimed award winning residency at London’s Hammersmith Apollo in 2014. ‘before the dawn’ provides a very special sonic document of an eclectic artist who many have been compared but none have neither matched let alone bettered. Across five decades, Ms Bush has enchanted, allured, bewitched and held the chasing pack beneath her spell. Not one to follow the pop parade, Bush has crafted a hermetically sealed creative world whose seamless palette has been drawn from a tailored spectrum of disciplines that extend beyond music and into the choreographic flight of dance, drama, literature, nature and the frailty of mankind, upon this intimate canvas are weaved fleetingly revealing moments of her personality. This live document, as said spread across 3 cd’s and 4 slabs of vinyl, centres around both the monumental suites ‘the ninth wave’ and ‘a sky of honey’ – a teaser taster of ‘prologue’ – taken from the latter is featured here. The album was mixed and produced by Ms Bush herself with no added overdubs or re-recordings. 

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I’m feeling that you fancy some head warping hairy psychedelia, so with that in mind let us introduce you tto the latest happening thang flying out of the hallowed 20th birthday celebrating turf of the mighty bad afro imprint. So let’s get the getting to know you gubbins out of the way – viewers – Narcosatanicos, Narcosatanicos – viewers – ‘vile’ be the name of this howling stoned out bad juju juggernaut, a wiring cauldron of cacophonous arabesque cool gouged by a mind frying skin peeling grooving lost in the hallucinogenic fog of an unholy 60’s occultist ceremony, all at once brutal and about you like a contagion up close and uncomfortably personal, comes ripped from a new full length ‘body cults’ destined for bad things this November.

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a Liverpool-ish interlude…

An interlude – having a bit of a Liverpool moment provoked or perhaps should I say prompted by being re-acquainted to Amsterdam’s ‘does this train stop on Merseyside’ – the song we believe, is going to be the subject of a Radio Merseyside documentary towards the end of the year. Its followed by Pete Wylie’s ‘heart as big as Liverpool’ and a BBC radio documentary about the legendary Eric’s…while just to keep things a little contemporary, just down the road, a little way outside the Liverpool influence, radio Lancashire’s superb ‘on the wire’ show hosted by Steve Barker might well fill the gap left by the sadly absent ‘mixing it’ on radio 3 in terms of eclectisim and strange sounds, this show featuring familiar folk cavern of anti matter,  ashtray navigations and much, much more….

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af siren

Another release that’s been busy burrowing deep into our psyche, this is ‘evolve’ by AF Siren taken from a forthcoming imminent third full length ‘mysterious people’ – a psychotronic sore thumb whose mutantly murmuring technoid tailoring comes from the distantly dark Cabaret Voltaire school of hypno grooving eeriness with an added summer recess spent doing a finishing class at Biosphere central, just adore its disconnected remote vibe which by our reckoning given the right kind of exposure might just find itself flattening the floors of the most in tune forward thinking club houses.  

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nadi como

I heartily recommend that you don the head phones for this if only to experience the full sensory effect of its terraforming head trip, this folks, is the latest from Nadi Como of whom we have absolutely no info about except to say she resides in Los Angeles. ‘Aller me’ is a curiously detached affair, what first sounds like some darkly chilled early career template dragged into the light for a vault digging appraisal of Front 242 soon begins to manifest into something somewhat fractured and macabre to icily peer from the shadows of a Cobra Killer / Miss Kittin collective nightmare before unravelling and fraying into a wiring peak of psychosis disturbia.

that said contrast that with this and what becomes apparent is a considerable and unerring talent with a thing for playing with your headspace and having your expectations firmly rooted on a teetering back dfoot, for ‘the travellers code’ is as seductive as ‘aller me’ is sinister. This utterly enchanting ghost light comes traced in a frail sepia scratched yearn trimmed in noir tonalities pressed upon an elegantly bruised and breathlessly quiet grand framing whose impacting emotional hit is kissed with a sultry spectral sophistication thats softly surrendering and irrefutably captivating.  


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