Sunny Spells

the first of three Autumnal treats from the Fruits de Mer soundhouse, the other two will, I promise, feature here tomorrow at some point. serving as a preview to loveliness expected to arrive early next year in the guise of a mammoth 3 CD quite possibly 4, compilation follow up to last year’s acclaimed ‘the three seasons’ triple vinyl set. this time, the label have reset the clocks to rediscover lost sonic moments from the ’66 – ’69 putting out the call to labels extended family to help out in nailing down, what promises to be, the essential 60’s covers sets of the year. ‘sunny spells’ EP features four such cuts, as previously, in a limited pressing on coloured vinyl, it opens with an ‘unplugged’ version of ‘rest in peace’ by Chad and Jeremy which initially comes across wonderfully cantered in the vintage of the day, a honey spun homely and then, you realise, the narrative’s not so sunny at all, given it appears to be about a mortician, I blame Syd for all this, it really is a peculiar eccentric that’s adored with a dizzily arrested a village green quaintness and a subtle psyche folk seasoning. been a while since we heard anything from Schizo Fun Addict, word reaching us that they are putting the finishing coat on a new album expected sometime next year. wel, well, well and you thought the Mamas and Papas ‘dedicated to the one I love’ was pretty much untouchable. Think again. Found here accompanied by Ilona V, Jet and Co fall headlong into the kaleidoscopic hazy re-emerging on the other side to relocate this classic gem in some ethereal wonderland, really is something else trimmed as it is with a wonderfully worked 50’s teen angst vintage, softly psyched dream draped shimmerings and a haloing of Spector-que classicism, what’s not to adore. previously unknown to us, I think. Hanford Flyover serve up a cover of Neon Pearl’s ‘just another day’ which i must admit are a band that have thus far escaped our listening love. this I guess, you could happily refer to as a slow burner, certainly something that ought to be on the radar of folk admiring Crystal Jacqueline, this arriving touched with the spirit of Renaissance, a dreamy faraway dappled in the warm filtering of baroque folk motifs all teased with a mercurial artistry. last but by no means least, Us an Them claim Neil Young’s ‘what have you done to my life?’ as their own, what can we say, whatever these folk touch, it’s as though its been kissed in magic dust, this proving no exception so shall we keep it simple and short on this occasion, disarmingly understated and immaculate.

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by our reckoning, this’ll be the third mention in as many days for pulselovers, well they will keep hitting us with nuggets, though more specifically in this instance, we wanted to draw your interest to a 70 only lathe cut 7-inch of their’s before they all end up in the domain of online auction house with their original price clipping considerably inflated. through the soon to be very busy Castles in Space folk, this limited outing features a track that barely missed the ‘Cotswold Stone’ final selection and a rephrasing of another that did make it by Panamint Manse, so that’s ‘on the green’ and ‘in the marsh’ respectively. the panamint manse side of the event comes elegantly pressed with a wonderfully mellow toned statue-esque, measured and slick not to mention, sleek, its seductively sprayed in a low lit after hours sultry, a wandering ethereal touched with the elegiac, patrolling as were, the metropolis by night. as to previously rescued from the cutting room floor cut, can we settle for, a sweetly lulling ISAN-ic lunar lullaby sighed with syncopating mesmerics and the genteel daisy chaining orbital of subtle arabesque apparitions and pastoral posies.

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the reboot joy confession

likewise, with this ‘un, another plucked from a random bandcamp rummage, that’s been burrowing deeep into the headspace laying all manners of eggs and earworms. by the reboot joy confession, this ‘1999’ a track from a far bigger three track collectively called ‘spirit of the planets’ EP. Alas, not a cover of the Gray composed theme tune for the Anderson’s sci-fi adventure of the same name, instead you might want to stick around with this in order to give it a chance to seep in deep and settle, because once rid of its loosening up noodling, give it about a minute or so, whereby its trying to find its feet, something touched with a distinctive 808 State styling starts to step to the plate and it doesn’t stop there, morphing with subtle precision, it soon incorporates elements of smoky after hours jazz noire to its aural artillery which off-set by a mellow funk bitten vibing, cut the kind of chic coding that imagines emperor penguin flirting with edwin moses. that said, we here are a little fond of the title track as well, this time enlisting the talents of Dwight Trible, this hallucinogenic cosmic tripper is coolly kookified with a head freaking dub doped jazz soul frying the type of which, in another time, place or dimension, would have found a welcome home at both the tummytouch and frank wobbly and sons imprints.

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floating spectrum

don’t mind admitting that this ‘un has been flickering in and out of our listening space these last few days, again another picked up on one of those random strolls through bandcamp, annoying I know. this is floating spectrum of whom I believe, hail from Berlin with a track titled ‘the early green outburst’, a little something serving as a teaser, pulled from their recently released ‘a point between’ full length. i guess the first thing to note here, is that, despite it’s shadowy eerie and occasional doom draped dystopic opines, that these attributes are not the sonic detailing likely to form a chill upon you. rather more the remoteness, the unknowingness and that over-arching sense of isolation are in place from the get go, long before this levianthan like monolith scarcely has a chance to flex and stretch its icy shadow.

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Smile Eyes and the Children Folk

it might be just a happy or indeed, unhappy coincidence as the case might well be, that this is due to land the same week as the long awaited Scarfolk Annual drops. Both existing outside of a time line or reality that both you and I remember, though caring to dwell for a moment or two to consider, find ourselves overwhelmed by the feeling of a deeply indescribable chill and a haunted dread. this is the incoming Smile Eyes and the Children Folk set through polytechnic youth and horror pop sounds, an imagined, or is it, soundtrack to a lost and forgotten Polish children’s TV show from the early 80’s composed and arranged by the mysterious Szczepan Buckowski (though checking the credits and you’ll see on mastering and restoration credits, a certain Stephen James Buckley – hello Polypores). given this has the prints of horror pop sounds all over it, this should at least give you an indication of where this going even before the stylus has had a chance to settle into its groove. of course its odd, fun and cleverly authentic with just the required tingle of the sinister and surreal. Anyway, this is the TV shows ‘theme tune’. set to a pulsing pastoral electronische palette, this crookedly kooky eerie is invested with an off centred playful peculiar whose Midwich Cuckoo-ery’s, analogue warbles and lite radiophonic lounge scoping will drive you to strange distraction.

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klaus morlock / grey frequency

now at this point it was our intention to go visit the Unquiet Meadow, after all its been its a long time since their broadcasts featured here. however best laid plans so on and so forth, we’ve hit a stumbling block for now with the link we sourced – see getting us slightly befuddled, as to whether the issue is with them (tracks playing, if they play that is, for only 10 seconds) or with us, given that a recent windows update (see what they do now, there is no choice, you either restart or shutdown both options force you to update, I hate you Windows with a passion), managed to disable our media player. So while we message Cyp to see if there any other playable link, we haven’t been sitting idle in the meantime, no siree, selecting at least two of this playlists number for further sourcing, the first of which being by Klaus Morlock. originally recorded in 1979 and just out now on free to download, well i’m not certain about all that, the vintage appears right, but what with all this hauntologist skewering afoot at present and the current social media trick or trap (your choice), for rewriting recent history to fit its own agenda and the constant tirade of lies, falsehoods and the laughable, false news retorts( hello Dumb and Dumber – a tale of a president and a prime minister), its getting all the more difficult to see the wood for trees. still, little grumble back in the box, this is ‘dialogue assembly’, a track peeled from the currently available, ‘dead maids assembly’ full length, a little something we fell fond with in an instant. courting a beautifully hypnotic library folk dreaminess, the kind of thing you’d find on one of those classic KPM releases – see Hawkshaw, Mansfield, bennett and Limb. that said we do love the interweaving of filmic dialogue with the murmuring ghost lit atmospheres, all the time deepening that sense of the uncanny, the mysterious and ultimately, the sinister, its something that draws a neat comparable parallel with the Owl Service’s quite stunning ‘Cine’ covers set, then without warning, as though a switch has been tripped, the whole colouring and mood of the track acutely upends and were previously there was a fracturing woozy, suddenly evaporates and in its place a Jarre-esque cosmic forms. now had we avoided or at least come through, this fatigue cloud that’s currently blighting our days, the ‘Witchcraft and Black Magic in the United Kingdom’ compilation through the unexplained sounds sub print eighth tower would have well by now, been listened to voraciously and indeed posted with much fondness. as it, it remains for now on a very pressing back burner. An excellent gathering, featuring both very familiar and not so familiar names, not a duff track on initial listening, that i can assure. from that set, to oil the interest lets say, Grey Frequency turn in ‘elegy for vinegar Tom’. a mammoth fog bound mysterio, if this doesn’t unsettle you and cause the temprature in your listening space to drop perilously low then you are already marked. hovering icily, this ghost lit apparition solemnly walks some eternal night patrol, both mournful and tortured, the sounds though spectral and sparsely weaved manage to make use of the space to reveal a lightly spared and conserving brush stroked creativity at work here that makes use of limited applications to craft a hugely cavernous and expansive wide screen palette.

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back with the pulselovers as promised, to gather up those three errant tracks sitting silently on the preview pane of their band camp page. As said previously, from what we heard so far, it’s an album that forges a perfect listening bond with Jonathon Sharp’s ‘divided time’ set from earlier in the year. the tracks dappled in a nostalgic hazy, both wistful and yearnful, serve as a memory box for Handley to wanders back into his childhood, oozed in a dreamily arresting pastoral percolating, tracks such as ‘the green leaves of shildam hall’ stray airily into the secret pastures of Littlebow while ‘on the wold’ is cut with a crystalline caress, a genteelly farewell-ing faraway tinged ever so slightly in dew dripped magicalia which ultimately leaves ‘badby ’80’ cutting the mustard with some neatly murmuring kosmische pulse toning, which all said, has something of the Palace of Swords about it albeit as though piloting some prog electro La Dusseldorf mothership.

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