mind over mirrors

Apologies for the scant and seemingly neglected nature of these postings over the last few weeks, we hope to be back up to speed next week with explanations and other such like. Anyhow, much adoring this ‘un from Mind over Mirrors, from their forthcoming full length for paradise of bachelors entitled ‘bellowing sun’, this is ‘Zeitgebers’. A strangely alluring cosmic jazz happening, wonderfully beardy and trance toned not to mention a tad trippy in a blissed out Ozric Tentacles meets Sendelica kosmische drone third eye tweaking astral planning type way, features members of freakwater, iron and wine and death blues huddled around Jaime Fennelly crafting out huge ever growing orbs of brain food mesmerica by way of mind morphing mosaics possessed of hints of Reich and Spacemen 3, in short a kaleidoscopically spacey spiritual event.


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black moth super rainbow

Pulled from an incoming happening entitled ‘panic blooms’ for rad cult – point of impact scheduled for May time, black moth super rainbow has sent forth a heavenly herald in the shape of ‘Mr No One’ – we will be back with a fuller inspection tomorrow, for now can we say of this – a divine lone riding cosmic spiritual. https://soundcloud.com/black-moth-super-rainbow/black-moth-super-rainbow-mr-no-one

Liveness across the pond …..

31/5 WASHINGTON, DC Black Cat

1/6 PHILADELPHIA, PA Union Transfer

2/6 NEW YORK, NY Music Hall of Williamsburg

3/6 BOSTON, MA Brighton Music Hall

14/6 CINCINNATI, OH Urban Artifact

15/6 DETROIT, MI El Club

16/6 CHICAGO, IL Metro

17/6 COLUMBUS, OH Skully’s Music Diner

10/8 PITTSBURGH, PA Mr. Smalls

11/8 LOUISVILLE, KY Headliners

12/8 ASHEVILLE, NC Orange Peel

14/8 AUSTIN, TX Mohawk

15/8 HOUSTON, TX White Oak Music Hall

17/8 ATLANTA, GA Masquerade (Hell)

18/8 NASHVILLE, TN Mercy Lounge


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hannah epperson

This ‘un came with an attached note that read – ‘How’s it going? I thought you might like a new artist we’re working with called Hannah Epperson’ ….. of course those of you with memories stretching back a Christmas or two, might well recall us falling head over heels for Ms Epperson’s enchanting yuletide twin set for the Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club – see here – https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2016/12/05/hannah-epperson/ . latest heart flutterer be ‘20/20 (Amelia)’ a track taken from her forthcoming ‘Slowdown’ set for Listen Collective, an intricately woven and hitherto bewitching sweetheart that draws heavily on a shapeshifting musical framework that imagines the spirit of a youthful Kate Bush possessed by Grails, herself reading notes from a Stealing Sheep diary whilst skipping and skulking impishly amid a magically radiant and enchanted landscape populated by a panoramic mosaic of melodic motifs crafted by a gathering of Reich, Nyman and Sakamoto talents, the effect made all the more adorable by its continual twisting and turning push pull dynamics and noir folk tethering. https://soundcloud.com/hannah-epperson/2020-amelia

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life pass filter

Expect plenty of Gare du Nord mentions in the coming weeks, so many in fact that we strongly suspect you’ll be a tad swept along by all the love poured upon this bijou label with words of fancy for releases by Anton Barbeau and the Cold Spells to come soon. For now, a wonderfully wayward gem from Life Pass Filter, a Lille based duo comprised of Antoine Boucherikha and Anne Hélou who together have crafted a loving future note to celebrate the first born of the inner circle of close friends, Joseph Chevalier-Poher. ‘Joseph’ provides for a musical time capsule of sorts for the infant as an adult, for here five tracks stir with a crooked lo-fi lullaby lilt each possessed of a lightness of touch and a glowing hushed close intimacy that whisper and woo in equal measure very much recalling to these ears at least, the Microphones. Here you’ll find the cool lazy eyed shimmer of ‘hello little man’ rubbing awkwardly though hitherto affectionately to the hiccupping lock groove lollop of the smoky tones of Reich and Riley re-translated, as were, by an all star gathering of Elephant 6 Collective types. All said, hands forced up the back, we here must admit to being a tad smitten with the sunsetting seafarer that is the parting ‘lullaby’ with its marooned mosaics of tropical south sea hideaways and radiant sprays of lazy eyed reclines.  Quite perfect if you ask me. https://lifepassfilter.bandcamp.com/

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john 3:16 and Jim Tuite

I’m afraid it’s one of those facebook video type things, a tad annoying I know, do prefer the stand alone set ups, ah well. Anyhow, enough of the grumbles, you should find more John 3:16 later this very missive, for now, a rare treat featuring footage taken from a recent appearance with Jim Tuite at the Ambient Chaos. Utilising harsher tones, this performance reveals a darker side to the Gerber psyche, almost primeval though hitherto freeform, a brooding burn that scars and scowls with monolithic majesty to simmer and sear with equal discordant intensity to reveal something that all said tunes itself into not only Bruce Russell terrains, yet likewise recalls those opus’ that formed part of the Table of Elements excellent ‘guitar series’ soirees. https://www.facebook.com/alrealon/videos/10215777453574506/

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us and them

On limited issue through mega dodo, featuring two original pens and two covers, Us and Them give hint of wonders to come this May when full length ‘on shipless ocean’ is released. In terms of tracks heard thus far this year, only Beautify Junkyards’ incoming on Ghost Box demurs in equal grace and poise. Measured, mercurial and mesmeric, Us and Them court a breathless lightness of touch to this quaint quartet of shy eyed gems, the dizzying genteel baroque folk waltzing of ‘when life begins’ and the seductively spacey psychedelic tethering applied to Bowie’s ‘all the madman’ are pressed with such exquisite mastery as to be strong enough to individually grace an A side in their own right. That said it’s to a cover of Barclay James Harvest’s ‘the iron maiden’ and ‘from the corner of my eye’ – a teaser from the previously aforementioned full length happening that rightly vie for affection here, the former a slice of sweet enchantment twinkled and romanced in a close intimacy that’s hushed to the spectral allure of ghostly garlands, whilst just edging it, the lead track fixes you in beguilement concocting a softly stirred spell craft whose timeless tapestry is turned in an ancient folk tongue dappled in floral posies woven into a dream like mirage, a transfixing turntable delight in a pressing of just 250 copies.  

Image of Us and Them 'From The Corner Of My Eye' limited edition single


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Incoming on the recordiau cae gwyn imprint shortly, more specifically the ninth day of March, a new 7 inch happening from the much loved around these here parts Omaloma. Pressed upon the wax grooves new peeling ‘bubblegum’ comes backed by an extended mix of their last single, the quietly acclaimed ‘aros o gwmpas’. The former possessed of sunburnt radiance is a serenely seafaring cute thing trimmed in delicately drifting tropicalia weaves which in truth, aside having us a tad fond of, had us much minded to point those of you with an ear and indeed, memory for these things, to the early catalogue of Pickled Egg records, principally a brace of releases by Le Bleu and Gulliver. As to the flip, a smoking and sultry lazy eyed slice of summer breeziness all mellowed and murmured in a slickly seductive funk twist which to these ears sounds not unlike some hitherto dream team gathering of Busy Signals and Emperor Penguin types.   

live dates supporting Gwenno …..

08/03/2018 Birmingham, Hare and Hounds

09/03/2018 Manchester, Gullivers

10/03/2018 Leeds, Brudenell Social Club

16/03/2018 Brighton, Rialto

17/03/2018 Ramsgate, Music Hall

23/03/2018 Oxford, Bullingdon

12/04/2018 London, Hoxton Hall

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