i speak machine

something of a teaser trailer heralding incoming sonic occurrences from I speak machine. ‘shame’ comes pulled from the duo’s forthcoming multimedia package ‘zombie 1985’ – a soundtrack for a self-made film that’s recently been backdropping their live shows. Steeled in an icy vintage that pays homage to the analogue age of the day, ‘shame’ is a retro tech torch song that prowls the shadowy terrains of an imagined twilight haloed futuristic dystopia situated between the sonic cracks that divide the worlds of John Carpenter and the Stranger Things, all pulsing synths and chill toned kosmische shadow plays, the sounds recalls an Allison Goldfrapp dark twin plugged into a youthful pre ‘love is a stranger’ era Eurythmics vibe that bunny hops on Peter Gabriel’s ‘games without frontiers’, smoking cold noir.

Staying with I Speak Machine here’s an unofficial video adoring their cover of Gary Numan’s ‘cars’ – a darkly haunting and eerily disconnected re-reading, its fracturing macabre very much located on a sonic axis drawn of elements of Cabaret Voltaire in cahoots with a youthful John Foxx.

…and talking of Mr Numan, next month’s issue of Electronic Sound will, for those subscribing to the bundle set, be accompanied by a 7-inch vinyl freebie featuring a meat beat manifesto rephrasing of his recent ‘my name is ruin’ outing….   

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t e morris

tis still Elvis week in our gaff, readying ourselves to watch ‘Charro’ a little later, though disappointed the networks don’t show ‘a change of habit’ – anyway we rooted this curio out, its by Tom Morris, he of her name is calla fame, here doing a spot of intimate reading by way of an iphone recording of ‘always on my mind’ – must admit the frail and fragile setting heightens that sense of lonely reflection when the door shuts itself on the world and the night starts to creep in, wonderfully bruised incidentally.  https://soundcloud.com/temorris/you-were-always-on-my-mind?in=temorris%2Fsets%2Fothers

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samira winter

As though it’s not enough us having our in box filled to busting with tuneful releases and a kitchen top space taken up by a mountain of CD’s, that we feel the urge to be on the prowl looking for additional sounds on the interweb. Good job that we do because if we didn’t then we’d not be turning up gems like this ‘un. This is heading out of the – we think – Escritório imprint – on cassette by the looks of things, by Samira Winter it’s called ‘always teenager’ which I guess is what my head tells itself every single day it wakes up until the brutal reality of the bathroom mirror shatters the dream. Ah well enough grumbling. In truth one of the tracks that’s best described as something liable to creep up on you just when you least expect, far from being in your face it rather more sits out of ear line softly pouring its spell craft, a beautifully shy eyed whisper it be, something you’d have expected the Happy Happy Birthday to me label to have sneaked out under the radar back in the day. You keep expecting it to peel away and show its teeth yet it never does, instead daintily navigating from a point that starts to a softly stirred hazy psych reverse loop motif before the onset of a dreamily murmured cooing pressed upon a fizzing scowl like slacker riff, it just smothers you in its safe spot softness, does it for us whatever you say.  https://soundcloud.com/escritorio_tnr/samira-winter-always-teenager  

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Incoming via Club AC30, new loveliness from pinkshinyultrablast in the shape of ‘find your saint’ – in short a sublime snow frosted slice of twinkling radiance that ought to have you eyeing your sound player suspiciously thinking it be some hitherto lost hand carved lullaby by the Cocteau Twins from back in the day. What unfolds here is a svelte airless love note sweet hearted by the divinely harmonious adoring of crystal tipped chiming corteges gathering to form a peek a boo night lit dance with the demurring lost in moment vocal coos, really is most affectionately alluring. https://soundcloud.com/club-ac30/psub-fys

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scott william urquhart

…and talking of Scott William Urquhart, we spied this spot of entrancement on his sound cloud page, a track by the name ‘Apple Orchard Rag’ which i’m certain we haven’t mentioned previously. A frankly sublime slice of sun flecked radiant jubilance whereupon the sweet drift scapes of delta folk blues are harnessed and harvested into a blossoming bouquet of jaunty moonshine merriment, as ever the trademark finger picking detailing pressed to swoon settings with the overall effect turned in to reveal a most alluring spray of joyously uplifting pastoral posies. Utterly breathtaking in a word. https://soundcloud.com/scott-urquhart-3/apple-orchard-rag

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eli winter

Immaculate and exquisite, just two words that we here at least, draw in humbled conclusion as being the only way to describe ‘take no notice’ by Eli Winter. A thing of quiet majesty, at once both intimate and intricate, much like Eric Arn mentioned earlier, Mr Winter practices a lost art that immediately upon hearing, recollections of John Fahey and Jack Rose instantly step to fore of the mind. Here the finger picking is deftly spun, the melodies genuflecting, cascading and swirling with a harmonious lushness to create an airy waltz to colour a palette rich in a detail so vivid and sharp that you swear it’s genteel opining where intrinsically at one with the very elements of nature themselves. On reflection perhaps, in recent memory at least, only Scott William Urquhart veers into the same thoughtfully studious classicism.

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mordecai smyth

Another email found loitering in our spam box, i guess John Mega Dodo thought he could sneak this one past us, Sir you generally have to get up very early in the morning for any of that malarkey to catch us out. We were going to shelve this till the weekend but given our unnerving knack and annoying ability to put off permanently what we plan to put off temporarily, we thought we best to get onto this tout suite. A new happening from Mordecai Smyth will shortly be upon us in the shape of a pencilled for November release full length entitled ‘the mayor of toytown is dead’. Best described as a voluminous prog tapestry featuring nine newly peeled wig flipping suites which for now our ears have found themselves trained upon two cuts of note – ‘river of sleep’ and the set parting ‘dissent into chaos’. The former mentioned cut with such finitely crafted sonic beauty you’d swear he’d taken refuge hidden in the headspace of Rob Gould in the intervening period between this and his last outing. A psych prog trip pill rippled in wyrd shadow fallen sprays of intricate mysticism which should you need reference markers, I’d be obliged to offer up a first album era Levitation as your first starting point. That said, in truth, and maybe it really is just me, but i swear if i hadn’t read the press gubbins and made note of the name on the downloads, i’d have said ‘dissent into chaos’ was some vault find thought lost foolishly discarded Peter Gabriel gem found homeless and wanting during his first three solo recordings, certainly has that off the page vintage about its wares. Alas no sound links for the present, rest assured we will try to remember a fuller revisit.   

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