more lost march missive musings….

Total running time less than 24 minutes. that’s what we love around here, albums that come along do what they need to say and then happily bugger off in the time it takes you to have a lengthy tea break and a quick fag and catch up chat. Nothing more annoying that CD albums that go on for what appears an infinity during the course of whose playing your clothes have gone and come back into fashion and you had the chance to grown a beard of biblical proportions. Anyway enough of the grumbling which before you say has already been noted as becoming something of a recurring theme of late in these missives. New album from the bromheadss who the badge winning eagle eyed spotters among you might recall many years ago used to be known as the bromhead jacket and did occasion these pages to much fond words of recvommendation via releases for – if we’re not much mistaken – the sorely missed marquis cha cha imprint well it seems Sheffield’s finest have since last hearing them shrunk their name put out an album ’the lamp sessions’ which was made available for fans to download for free in monthly bite sized portions. Now proudly boasting a new full length set ’choro’ which is due for counter action in a matter of days via townsend / universal, the band have by all accounts turned in a blistering 11 track punk pop growler – we say by all accounts because we’re at present downloading the blighter for a loser inspection and us being hooked to the frankly laughably inconsistent BT server – it should be available for listening enjoyment sometime October at this rate. Anyhow current single ’gonna let you melt’ leads the charging assault to provide a kiss cool power punk rumble that seesaws with an anthemic adeptness that’s bolted to an acutely towering hook hung melodic axis that swerves and dives like some snot nosed scuzzed out rising from the gritty abandon of the streets and comes possessed of enough wallop to get daytime airwave schedules all a frenzy whilst simultaneously joining the dots between chron gen and green day. Nuff said.


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