the cream people

I’ll be totally honest and it should come as no surprise, but by describing your sounds as ‘jazz fusion, psychedelic rock stoned edgy heavy psych improv organic..’ are always going to earn you your stripes around these hear parts though I’m suspecting that the cream people may have just taken the stoned and improv descriptors just a little to literally whilst forgetting to let on as to what’s in their medicine bag – for personal use of course. To whom do we refer, why it be the Cream People – loved in this parish following well heeled appearances on fruits de mer’s recent and goes without saying essential ’strange fish’ gathering. Anyhow we got a missive from Kezz from the band (okay duo based in Kidderminster) alerting us to a positive cornucopia of cream people groove currently getting high and weird over at their band camp page – along with a hearty invitation to sample thus by way of an introductory peak at a track entitled ’nil by nose’ along with the proviso ’it really explodes after 10 minutes’. you see young things, missives and better still yer actual records are guaranteed to get mentions here. And so with that we ventured forth. Now it might just be me but ’nil by nose’ is the kind of third eye frying groove that those bastions of good taste at terrascopic ground control would have once upon a time professed as being located on the third star left of alphane moon or some hitherto lost love child of abunai, all noodling woozy delta blues blurred head music that’s best enjoyed by skinning up a fat one and kicking back to chill. Plotting similar stoned out territories as the master musicians of bukakke with a side serving of an out there Bardo Pond found imbibing on mystic Embryo flavourings, this parched transcendental mistral snakes from out of as were exotic arid sun burnt climes wrapped in the deeply hypnotic snake charm of arabesque intoxicants and as promised does at the 10 minute fire up, frazzle and manifest as a killer buzzing beatnik behemoth. We need to hear more methinks.

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