solvognen / chaz dolo

More seamless links, this here cassette release we found our way to via Laica’s face book page. A split tape release no less that’s strictly limited to just – 15 copies. Put out by disco insolence – their first as it happens – this release features a total of three cuts – 2 from Solvognen and one from Chaz Dolo. Alas no information on either except to say that as far as I can detect both hail from somewhere in the UK. and quite frankly if you see this release loitering anywhere then grab it without pause, question or second thought. Why you might well ask, in truth because it features two strangely acute artists both of whom – if these tracks are anything to judge by – deserve closer investigation. ‘lysergic alabaster’ is the first offering from Solvognen – a little beauty tripwired in all manner of celestial flotillas and lounge cosmically which if we didn‘t know better we‘d liken to an uber chilled and playful like dub drilled lunar waltzing Isan jabbed with seducing disco steroids. The all to brief ’bismuth vapour’ on the other hand is a more sedate affair, a lonesome key canter wallows away to a sepia trimmed framing upon a whirring pulsar, very introspective and sorrowing if you ask me. As to Chaz Dolo, what can I say about ’000’ – slightly disturbing, a little on the freaky side if truth be told, heavily sedated and wired to a warping matrix the likes of which you’d have to dig out your casino vs. japan and kimonophonic platters for comparison for this little honey skips, hops and jumps through an array of genre bending styles to include a smoked out selection of mutant futuro hip hop grooves spliced with glitch gouged trip hopping beats, sci-fi fanfares and minimalist blip core dub electronica. Well cool.


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  1. forestpunk says:

    this record is so good! thanks for sharing/writing!

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