the work of a certain Gareth L.ees for he is the hackney marshman. Here paired up with Jetsam to present musical accompaniment for a short story featured in a collection of fictional short prose offering differing perspectives of London life by an invited gathering of twenty five writers entitled ’acquired for development by’ through influx press. The track featured here – incidentally called ’flight’ is take from a soon to be released album being put out by clay pipe music entitled ’a dream life of hackney marshes’. the skewed tale very much impressed in a Welles / Verne heritage tells of the first manned flight over Walthamstow marshes in July 1909 by Finkley in his lightning bolt. As to the music accompanying it, the ensemble will be performing the suite live on 6th November at the ye olde rose and crown, E17 wherein they will be accompanied by short films, surprise guests and the liminal Londoner. As to ’flight’ – a gorgeously woven slice of dinky chamber folk arrangements floral in design interspersed by narration and very much hushed in the yawning and stretching as were spirit of Vernon Elliott sweetly dimpled in reflection and a minimalist electronic teasing. For more information go to http://www.themarshmanchronicles/marshman/2013/10/a-dream-of-flight-over-walthamstow-marsh/

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