I’m suspecting that things have gotten a little sedate around here of late and what your missing is slavering slabs of curdled groove. Enter the cauldron then Vaporizer. Nabbed this of a clear spot listing – and with that maudlin missives have been issued forth to their keepers for copies. Described as stoner / doom metal from Vermont – this cut is in fact the flip side to their ‘sea of eyes’ single for the hydro-phonic imprint, apparently there’s an ultra limited issue of these babies pressed up on glow in the dark black light lime vinyl, alas no photos but descriptors alone have it sounding a must have treat. Anyhow this bad assed blighter – incidentally entitled ’these old hills’ – is your six minute torture trimmed slo-core doom drilled bedlam, alas no happy clappy sentimentality here just grim gouged grooves molten by the vengeful and punitive glare of the book of revelations, so thickly dense and heavy we here suspect the punishing pressure emitting up from the waxen grooves may just compress your head space to pea sized proportions, all said brutal, ravaged and deeply demonic.

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