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Tales from the Attic
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Revolutions of a 45 and 33 kind…..

Apologies for the delay with this un more to follow. Featured sounds this missive…..

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You’ll need to be ultra quick if you want this, available to download until Monday 16th December which if your reading this on the day of posting is today. However should you be eyeing this mention when it finally emerges fully formed in missive state then I’m afraid its gone. The latest chilling chapter retelling the secret / alternative world at play as witnessed by Wizards Tells Lies, a twilight world were only the select few behold, many long to see yet most are happily ignorant, blindly comatose gorging on the trappings of commercialised baubles and trinkets, for while you sleep and while you work an unseen secret world is at play between realities where what you thought was the stuff of dreams, nightmares, folklore and mythology exists goblins, imps, fairies, UFO’s and beasts of legend. And so the foretelling continues, ’sticks and branches man’ is perhaps Wizard Tells Lies most ambitious sonic utterance to date, a near 16 minute colossus which pulls together the loosely trailed threads of all revealed so far into one seismic sinister symphony calling from the beyond. Draped in a darkly brooding Hammer film like sensuality, its eerie scoring in its initial murmuring draws bleakly upon a disquieting Quatermass styled aural landscape once mused upon by Mount Vernon Arts Lab, between the abstract dialects and the mist bound mistrals that wearily weave their spectral hand there’s the eclipse of a solemn beauty being cast that manifests within a hollowed sadness, its bruised and betrayed beauty is wrapped and picked upon salvaged scores from another time namely FortDax’s ‘a Beverley mythic’ and Magnetaphone’s ‘the man who ate the man’, whereupon with deft precision a haunting rapture unfurls.

I can tell that one of the first albums getting immediate love and affection in print after the seasons shenanigans will be David Ward’s latest set for Golden Future recordings entitled ‘golden future time’. copies are winging their way through the mail system at present though thankfully their press folk have sent along sound clips for preview which alas I’m sorry to report we can’t share just yet. We’re already smitten by the opening salvo ’slowly through the night’ and will just say this, perfect for those of you who’ve laid awake a night dreamily wondering what exactly, should wishes ever come true, a studio meeting of Radiohead and Porcupine Tree minds might forge musically for in short this comes on like a wonderfully angular prog togged mutant cosmic funk lovely. More to come.

Something that’ll be getting immediate attention after the fall of festivities will be the latest long playing platter from Radiophonic riddled rapscallions the Eccentronic Research Council. Due for dansette delight sometime in February via Desolate Spools, ‘magpie billy and the egg that yoked(a study of the northern ape in love)’ is a surreal study of two northern highly individual apes living at the same northern address but at different times, one a shed dwelling motorcycle enthusiast the other a progressive rock lover . Still with us. As previously those ERC dudes Flanagan and Honer get busy with the retro flock paper adorned electroid analogue squiggles leaving Ms Maxine Peake to recite strange tales of weirdness and wonder in typically nonchalant matter of fact-ness. Guess at this stage you fancy a taster, good for you because the impish trio have let loose on licence the opening salvo ’MB motorcyycle enthusiast’ a six and a half minute – hang of scratch that – a sub three minute honey with three a half minutes of silence tagged to its rear which translates like in a kooky psychotropic carnival of swirling fair ground sound flurries upon rigid motorik beats with Ms Peake doing a damn fine femme version of Mark E Smith atop some lost Goblin trance tripper resuscitated from obscurity by Zombi. http://www.soundcloud.com/the_e_r_c/m-b-motorcyycle-enthusiast

There’s much sighing and shedding of tears to hear that we’ve missed out on nabbing an uber limited copy of Sendelica’s latest musical opus. A three CD set containing a build your own Sendelicahenge model all coming hand crafted and painted in distinctly unique styles by the band and limited to just 25 copies. If however your talents and inclinations don’t extend to vision on styled artistry and you can live without possessing a unique piece of art then there’s always the limited and hand numbered 200 only 2 CD variant . Both sets collect together four soundtracks crafted by the hive mind of Sendelica – originally commissioned to provide soundstages for 2008’s ‘sleepwalker fever’ they discovered that the fluidity and escapism of the medium gave them a chance to express their more ambient psych and in so expand and experiment with their creative palette. There have been three further soundtracks since ‘trillian 8’, ‘ritual’ and ‘when the rising apes meets the falling angels’. that said its ‘possessor of your heart’ from the first soundtrack that’s caught our initial attention, a super chilled amorphous jazz noir cosmicalia sweetly serenaded by Miles Davis apparitions and peppered with the kind of lunar wooziness you’d rightly expected to hear on a Bill Laswell platter. Incidentally the set goes by the name ‘the megaliths – the movie soundtracks volume 1 and 2’. Nuff said http://www.sendelica.bandcamp.com/album/the-megaliths-the-movie-soundtracks-volume-1-and-2

Due soon on tree house music a debut self titled EP from Velvet Morning is shaping up to break hearts. They hail from Southend on Sea and number four in their ranks, their press folk cite the hookworms, psychic ills and moon duo as reference markers whilst observing that they have an occasion to dip ever so delicately into the rippling psych pools of Spacemen 3, JMC and Brian Jones Massacre. ‘paranoia’ has been outed as a teaser, its slow prowling twang snake wind and the slow arrest of hollowed almost stoned out bliss traced vibes endears it with a darkly kaleidoscopic Jones in situ Stones styled aura, add to that the softly purred almost comatose vocal murmur and the insidious way it worms itself beneath your skin as it ghosts in and out without so much as a by your leave might well have you digging out your John Carpenter (not that one – the NY based psychedelicist) and Cheval Sombre platters for closer comparable inspection. http://www.soundcloud.com/velvetmornineverymornin/paranoia

Mentioned this a missive or two ago when we previewed the track ‘I turned on as you turned away’, the first in a series of specially crafted 12 inch releases due from Bad Afro during 2014 is kick started by the Dandelion. For the uninitiated the Dandelion is the latest psych project from former Dolly Rocker Movement man Daniel J Poulter. The 6 track set is pulled from an ultra limited CD release entitled ‘strange case of the Dandelion’ which Poulter self released in his native Australia. Culled from that forthcoming set you’ll find below ‘borderline originality disorder’ doing sultry things on your sound system, a gorgeous lounge psych snake charmer, the type of which you’d rightly expect to have been unearthed from some lost and forgotten label vault from the late 60’s by those Finders Keepers chaps, reference wise think Superimposers shimmying up to the Winston Giles Orchestra with the Bunnies Will Sergeant laying down some nifty snake winding riffage and L’Augmentation hiding in the shadows applying kooky Hammond swirls. http://www.soundcloud.com/badafrorecords/the-dandelion-borderline

‘kissable grade A, lo-fi, drip pop for the sensuous soul’ reads the tag line on their Fb page and who are we to argue especially when such promises manifest beautifully into three minutes of arresting bubble grooved buzz pop. The Mites be their name, they hail from San Antonio from where they are currently cobbling together the finishing touches to an as yet untitled debut long playing platter which on the strength of their lead out herald single ’Washaway’ might just be one of cutest thing on 2014’s horizon. Now this little honey comes pressed up on a limited edition cassette – a copy of which we’d love – hint hint – as said three minutes of summer shone radiance piped through the kind of rush to head breezy hook dimpled melodic matrix that was the trademark of Lush although here honeyed and cooed by a fizzing psych sheen shoe gazing groove much adored of the Primitives and the Heartthrobs with the added shy eyed pop savvy of the Darling Buds. Acutely cute stuff. http://www.themites.bandcamp.com

Hands up who remembers the pooh sticks, pristine pop alchemists who were equally adept at turning in buzz grooved power pop and they were at the craft of fizzy teen turned pop, we ask this simply because we’re guessing the Lemons do. Hailing from Chicago the self described lo-fi twee jingle jangle surf popsters have just released their debuting cassette album ‘we are the lemons’ a fourteen track dayglo dinked kooky cookbook indelibly tweaked in the kind of sugary kaleidoscopic alco-pop craft so adored by the Elephant 6 Collective (not least ‘jelly bean’ which is pure Olivia Tremor Control) and featuring a positive cornucopia of teen thrilled tuneage (as on the lo-fi twister-ella bop of ‘chubby checker’) most attractively shoehorned to hit the end groove at barely one minute in length. You might be forgiven for thinking you’d tripped over some lost teen pop flick from the 50’s not least because from start to finish this set is awash in cutesy flashes of 50’s styled golden age shoo-bop ’my candy girl’ rubbing eagerly the shoulders of honey crusted slices of surf dreamed 60’s surf pop as on the opening ’lemon lime’ with its nods to Jan and Dean and the Beach Boys. Elsewhere ’elephant’ has that same bitter sweet effervescence as used to attach to patters put out by another sunny day while ’margo’ is pure tingle teased ram-a-lama pop cuteness. Perfect listening for those of you whose idea of pop heaven is stuff by the raspberries, fortuna pop, matinee recordings, happy happy birthday to me et al…… http://www.thelemons.bandcamp.com/album/we-are-the-lemons

This being the season of treats or whatever we’ve just been sent a hot off the press sneak preview track from the Bordellos forthcoming mini album for the Small Bear imprint. The album described by head honcho Brian as ‘a pop album…a strange pop album’ follows the band recent ‘ronco revival sound’ set for daddy tank. Which I don’t mind saying was our second favourite album of the year. Entitled ’moonface’ stripped and oddly remote of the usual crookedness that’s thankfully attached to Bordellos grooves in recent times, this smoking gun cut blisters darkly to a hollowing intimacy that circles upon a corkscrewing rustically honed murmured soul accent which unless I’m very much mistaken falls somewhere on the great pop spectrum between the Doors and Scott Walker. In addition to this the St Helens based community radio station WA12 have posted up the entire session set from a recent Bordellos appearance. Featuring thirteen tracks recorded live last week. Among the roll call of chestnuts aired a few new ‘uns the slacker-esque blues nugget ‘the sweetest hangover’ which – maybe its just me – but appears to simultaneously channel both Johnny Cash and Hank Williams, one or two re-treads for instance a gorgeously wasted n’ worse for wear and mellowed take of ‘little bird’, somewhere else there’s the rather jaunty and skiffadelic ‘king of the bedroom’ plugging into Lonnie Donegan territories while best of the lot ’temperature drop’ incidentally our track of the year by some distance, is just quite something else. http://www.soundcloud.com/wa12-radio/sets/the-bordellos

Bugger me this had the floors rumbling and the speakers shaking to near destruction, new thing from sludge overlords God Damn who are poised for tour action next month. A rephrasing of ‘in heaven’ – the theme from Lynch’s ‘eraserhead’ movie – here rolled into a brooding slice of disturbia which though less eerie and lullaby like as the original is impacted with a seriously disconnected sense of an intimated threat, a schizophrenic monolith that veers between moments of shock treated uprisings of splatter attack riff furies and the sickly quiet unholy recitals ripped through white noise transmissions with both polemic points converging at the finale in a frenzied head fuck. http://www.soundcloud.com/goddamntheband/god-damn-in-heaven-theme

More cassette, well vinyl loveliness as it happens on this occasion, this time from the folk tales imprint, recently issued on limited wax – 300 to be precise – from LA based duo Roco Jet, this twin set is quite sublime, all woozy folk dipping somewhere between damon and naomi and the smoke fairies, ethereal vocals, soft psych folk shimmers and wood crafted dizzying enchantment be the order of the day on the quite bewitching cut entitled ’Oracle’ that’s bettered only by its flip side ‘open door’. this ghostly slice of entrancing pastoral beauty is courted by a divinely chilled and hymnal eloquence that calls to mind Dead Can Dance while simultaneously touching base with Preterite. Utterly sublime in short. http://www.folktalerecords.bandcamp.com/album/roco-jet

Same label – that‘ll be folk tales in case you‘ve already forgotten, just 300 of these – though I’m suspecting that number has seriously diminished given its been out since April time. Pressed up on a double cassette that houses 40 cover versions which I should admit we never realised until we were going through the track list and was immediately drawn to R Stevie Moore’s selection as a starter wherein even then it took us another 10 seconds to realise ‘hang on I know this’. that said it still didn’t hit us that this was a covers collection, even after a quick flip through the list and spotting Simon Joyner doing ‘life in a northern town’ and Edward Gray ‘9 to 5’ – the penny was taking a helluva long time to hit the floor. A cover compilation – fact established – entitled ‘smashed 40 – slummer jams’ title alone should give ample clues as to what to expect, stoned out lo-fi kookiness a-go, R Stevie Moore’s rephrasing of McCartney’s ’coming up’ is a schizoid as they come cradled here in a superbly austere and monochrome new wave refit, somewhere else lurks Amps for Christ wonderfully crooked and slightly off radar enhancement of Lennon’s ‘woman. Add in to listening experience Nicole Kidman’s – I’m suspecting not the Ms Kidman your thinking off – daintily dreamy and dizzy retooling of ‘Heart of Glass’ which reference wise sits somewhere between Suicide and Laurie Anderson, tears for fears’ ‘shout’ is given a cosmic pub singer remodelling by knight rider while we must admit to being a tad smitten by Alvarius B’s dumb ass scuzzy cover of ’prisoner’ . other treats – I should warn that I say treats with a degree of tongues firmly in cheek, Wckr Spgt’s ‘owner of a lonely heart’ is a looned as it gets – lets just say try imagining Daniel Johnston being worked by Emo Phillips while we should mention that the receptionists version of ’just what I needed’ is one of the highlights its left to Charlie McAllister’s absolutely fried and whacked out butchering of the Stones ’waiting on a friend’ which really has to be heard to be believed that gets the sets chosen moment. http://www.folktalerecords.bandcamp.com/album/smashed-40-slummer-jams

More band camp loveliness this time something that should garner admiring glances from those among you with a fondness for all things minimalist analogue electronica. Second collection from Diverse Audio Laboratory -incidentally entitled ‘experiment 2’ – who lurk somewhere in the UK exact destination unknown beyond that the information trail runs cold except to say that this is the second volume of retro futurism from the collective. A gorgeously woozy collection of old school vintage radiophonic idents and primitive electro ram-a-lama that veers to the left side of the ghost box spectrum. Seventeen modular suites fill the canvas from moments of ice sculptured binary circuit chatter as on the playful Plone like ‘radar station’ to the inside imaginings of the plink plonk gloop machine workings of a youthful ISAN as on ‘nowhere station’, whatever the case there’s more than a passing sense that you’ve awoken to find yourself a droid bit map surveying the futuro landscapes of the Barron’s legendary ‘forbidden planet’ sounds cape (‘hidden entrance’). that said best moment surely has to the ominous mechanised groan of ‘shadow factory’ which by our reckoning could easily has fallen foolishly on to the cutting room floor from a slice of Kneale commissioned disturbia from Tristram Cary. http://www.diverseaudiolab.bandcamp.com/album/experiment-two

Something else of interest to ghost box / radiophonic sound enthusiasts we stumbled across on band camp are two volumes of found vintage cassette collages recorded way back in the 80’s by a would be tape experimentalist. The back story goes thus, a recent clearance of a Victorian house in Birmingham unearths a pile of cassettes upon whose spools are discovered a frozen time capsule of DIY collages made up of radio static, cut ups, ambient swirls, synth loops and narrative streams of consciousness that tap as were into the worlds of Burgess / Orwell and Bradbury. Entitled ’found tape’ Tape 1 and 2 and issued under the collective moniker pages from Ceefax – it’s a project headed up by duo James Kennedy and Allan R Murphy with a promise of more should interest warrant. Sound wise Volume II is the better bet, simply in the main because the side long collages are split up into easily digestible bite sized portions, all at once eerie and very retro they fit their time placement perfectly, initial moment of Volume II notably ‘a44 09’ and ‘liner notes’ have a distinct sounding of Mk I Human League about their wares while towards the falling grooves of ‘iba start up’ subtle washes of a cabaret Voltaire and joy division sound clash weave through the ether. Very strange. http://www.pagesfromceefax.bandcamp.com/album/found-tape-no-2-feb-1980

Of course we here love our sounds a little gnarled and a tad liable to rip from their very grooves and literally strangle the life out of you, so with that in mind let us introduce you to Leeds terror-niks Bong Cauldron. great name eh – I want that on a t-shirt, but sartorial matters aside these dudes are about to unleash the monolithic mother of all hangovers shortly after Christmastime courtesy of their hulking self titled EP. Out via St Albans based imprint superhot records who to their credit to date have let loose grooves by stub, vodun, groan and trippy wicked and the cosmic children of the knight – the latter of whom name alone sound ripe for immediate investigation and all of whom we suspect we need to hear soon or fear imminent spontaneous combustion. As said new self titled EP platter and from that the unruly ’tree wizard’ – a gruelling sludge thrash end of days calling card much reminiscent of old school dread headed apocalypsia spewed forth by the likes of Nepalm / Bolt thrower / godflesh and Carcass on a regular basis via the John Peel wing-ding. Brutal, unrelenting and slavishly savage, a primordial dead pool of seething grimness, no one gets out unscathed until at least the stylus unlocks itself from the bludgeoning grooves. http://www.soundcloud.com/sheltered-life-pr/bongcauldron-tree-wizard

Both beautiful and harrowing ‘elisabeth bay’ finds Hauschka colouring and expanding his sonic palette, no longer minimal fragile dustings but rather more something touched with a svelte neo classicist structuring. A new full length via city slang entitled ’abandoned city’ is due March time with ’elisabeth ray’ having been prized from the set to serve as a herald as to what lies in store. According to Hauschka ‘elisabeth bay’ was based ‘on a piece of music I wrote for a reinvention of Wagner’s flying Dutchman’. its an expansive piece that sees Hauschka applying something of a deeply rich and alluring cinematic quality to his craft, exquisite in the way it peels itself from its sepia frosted mooring to shape shift from the spectral, to the dramatic to the sensual, a bracing slice of symphonic elegance lushly toned in poise and majestic and demurred in all manner of pastoral flurries. There is a video alas its set to private – we will endeavour to get embed codes soon…….

I’m certain we’ve a few Armellodie releases kicking around with fond words near long awaited completion. So apologies to the label, press folk, bands and all concerned, to do list has been updated as I write. Not that we are trying to ingratiate ourselves back into their good books as I realise they’ve probably given up on us. That said they’ve a corker loose on the horizon and about to drop any day soon – well in fact it dropped last week – new thing by the super adventure club entitled ‘straight from the dick’ from which we’ve managed to pull ‘turns out my brain was my other brain’. a sub three minute brain scrambler ripped choc-a-bloc full of the kind of angulated and stuttering panic attacking shock treated urgency as was once upon the time the trademark groove gouging of the Cardiacs albeit as though here transplanted on to the frying mindset of the Cravats, all in all an utterly flippant jarring art pop paint bomb jamboree. Wired video looks a lot like this…..

Latest in the free to download monthly single series brought by way of quite wonderful digital imprint Everything is Chemical is a three track lovely from the pleasure curses of whom we have absolutely no information about alas. That said account opener ‘shackles’ is well worth a play or five especially if your listening loves occasionally conjure up in their imagining a day when something darkly smoked and suavely adorned in electroid finery came a tooting along like something emerging from a sound clash between the Aloof and the revolutionary corps of teenage Jesus. Obviously the main attraction here is ’envy (find a lead)’ which manages with much aplomb to straddle the shadow lines loosely tying together Animotion and the White Rose Movement and somehow magicking up in the process a deeply alluring slice of floor purring seductive motorik cosmicalia which to these occasionally trusty earlobes sounds not unlike the post Salon Boris smooth electro of black tzar. ’last central’ brings the set to a close though not before entrancing you with its krautian disco hybrid of birdpen and working in a nuclear free city motifs, damn fine if you ask me. http://www.eicvirtual7inch.bandcamp.com/album/eicv7-no-57

In short the dogs danders, this babe is so hot it literally melts the turntable on impact. Many thanks are due to those dudes over at alien snatch who shipped this beauty out in quick fire time. Mentioned in passing a little while back in despatches this is the limited re-press of Japans Suspicious Beasts’ debuting full length platter entitled ‘used to be beautiful’. to cut to the chase a grade A slab of smoking rock-a-hula is what’s on offer for your hard earned readies which from the minute the stylus crackle fades on the opening ‘Sister Maree’ to its reluctant release at the parting ‘pretty horse’ will have the purists among you simply swooning and wanting more. Amid these grooves there are nuggets aplenty from the hot rodding rubber burning scowling and smoking hot ‘let’s go to the church’ – a blistering cover of a (I’m embarrassed to admit unfamiliar) lost gem by the hit here grilled, souped up and fitted with a full on kick ass V12 grind much reminiscent of the Mono Men at the height of their powers to the slinky and demurred 50’s shoo bop of ‘punch me in the face’ rethreaded here with a killer Thunders / Palladin like vibe that tailgates their rendering of ‘love is strange’ – this album just doesn’t understand the notion of disappointing. ’darkest sunshine’ is ablaze in howling harmonicas from out of which the sounds of frenetic and frenzied riff scowls surge to a dirty, raw and primal coda that heads might imagine being the sound of a rabid Baby Woodrose with a rocket up their back pipe. And just when you think it can’t get any better the subtly sexy ’let me breathe’ saunters in with the ghost of Link sitting on its shoulder to cook up a wig flipping strut gouged blues shimmy. Add in to the mix the previously mentioned ’pretty horse’ which still sounds to these ears like a kooky kaleidoscopic 50’s bubble grooved haze refracted through an Elephant 6 collective lens by Olivia tremor control and neutral milk hotel under the ever watchful eye of the mercurial Meek whilst ‘jail inside your heart’ is just pure classic era lazy eyed Neil Young. All said best of the set by the merest whisker is the opener ’Sister Maree’ – I kid you not when I say I’d sworn I’d died and gone to heaven upon hearing this for this honey swoons and kicks with such honky tonk flair as to have you thinking it was the Small Faces channelling Dylan. Absolutely essential listening. http://www.aliensnatch.com

Frankly this has been burning holes in our head since arriving in our in box earlier today, its the latest slice of dark foreboding from the New Fabian Society. Two well received EP’s already under their belt both of which to much grumbling and teeth grinding we appear to have so far missed. This duo hail from Glasgow way and might well prove to be your favourite new band in the coming year especially if your listening loves are tuned somewhat into what might be considered an early 80’s Peel play list for ‘Barbarossa’ due soon on electric company records channels the kind of austere shadow lined post punk back waters as was once the forte of 1919 albeit as though here spiked with the fusion of aggression and agitation of a wired up ’in shreds’ era Chameleons in a face off with the Luddites. That said repeat listens give over and reveal something veering just beneath the surface that might just appeal to you hookworms purists, whatever the case may be there’s no denying this babe blisters and with that provides one of the years best cuts. http://www.soundcloud.com/tnfs/barbarossa

Sorry but I just can’t get enough of this, many thanks to Jon over at electric company records for sending this over – killer video to accompany that frankly pretty awesome ‘Barbarossa’ cut from the new fabian society, is it too late to nominate it as video of the year. Expect more electric company ear gear in the coming days as the label sent over a sampler for enlightenment…

This trio describe themselves as dream punks, Seasurfer have a debut long player due out soon – well Spring time if your splitting hairs – via the Saint Marie imprint from which this little gem should provide ample evidence as to what lurks on the horizon. Pulled from a Saint Marie dream pop compilation – a double disc 32 track gather of the finest shoe gazing talent currently bubbling beneath the radar and including cuts from presents for sally and resplandor both of whom if memory serves have strayed upon these pages at one or time or another many moons ago, Seasurfer do their stuff with a track entitled ‘we run’. just to be awkward however we’ve settled for a different mix of the same cut currently being paraded on sound cloud. A celestial carnival of spiralling vapour trailing jet streams dissipating into forlorn dream draped cascades, effects pedal bliss out indelibly in awe of the Cocteaus though swooned with the same kind of chime haloed widescreen drift breezed majesty as was once the given remit of Chapterhouse and the Kitchens of Distinction. Nuff said. We’ll try and blag copies of the compilation for further inspection as to that sound cloud link….. http://www.soundcloud.com/saintmarie-records/seasurfer-we-run-1

Okay the first of those aforementioned tracks taken from a sampler sent over by those nice folk over at electric company records (the rest you’ll find scattered and dotted amid this and forthcoming missives) comes from the dirty lies. Seems this lot have already released a full length platter to quiet appraise in the shape of ‘the very best of….’ which alas appears to have sneaked beneath our radar. ‘shallow grave’ is something of a sneak peek culled from a forthcoming label debuting EP release. An irresistibly mellowing and frail bitter sweet love note that aside being teasingly brief is clipped with a lightly roving needle like riff that’s aglow in a sunny aspect set atop an almost forlornly resigned and downcast vocal delivery which when paired together endow it with the kind light / dark opposites attract piping that in recent times has attached so affectionately to platters bearing the name Sennen, Decoration and Hillfields upon them. All said it makes for a must hear release.

Having just put out their celebratory 100th release in the shape of a catalogue spanning compilation entitled ‘100‘, rocket girl are busying themselves looking over the hedge passing admiring glances and making cooing calls at their next intended release. Due January the debut full length from Jacques Caramac and the Sweet Generation entitled ‘the highs and lows of Jacques Caramac and the Sweet Generation is we’d like to think going to cause record counter stampedes on its appearance and deservedly so. We’ve already fallen headlong to the sound of ’snowballs’ (featured on the aforementioned ’100’ set and mentioned in greater detail in earlier despatches) and having had a quick listening peek at the album have been swooned, lulled and softly psyched out by its broad spectrum of sound. That said for now heading up the charge in the favourite track on first hearing stakes is ’kream puff’ a disorientating off kilter lovely that traces around the outer edges of an Elephant 6 collective vibe and weaves the kind of wonky dialect that many came to expect as a given on grooves bearing the name Pavement upon their hide. And we won’t even mention the killer Pixies-esque chugging riffage for fear you might think all your Christmases have collided into one, oh gone on then, features killer Pixies-esque chugging riffage and it sounds like Pavement. There is a God after all. Full reviews to come as and when we nail hard copies….

Fast becoming one of our favourite online labels, everything is chemical’s virtual 7 inch series – available I should add as a free download – continues apace with its formidable bi-weekly release schedule with a drop dead gorgeous 8 track offering from languis. Now I’m wondering if this be the same languis who appeared many, many years ago on such esteemed imprints as smallfish and pehr, I suspect there’ll be corrective missives advising us to the contrary. Anyhow whatever the case, what you have here is a sumptuous suite of shoe gaze swoon pop. Opening cut ’times are changing’ certain to arrest and be the cause of fainting fits amid the dream pop loving community not least because it appears to seductively relocate the ’loveless’ sound of MBV and send it on a package tour to exotic far flung climes donned in grass skirts to shimmy beneath blood red skies and swaying palm trees being that it features some sultry lolloping motifs that sound as though they’ve been crafted by a seafaring tag team made up of members of landshipping and toshack highway. Those smitten enough ought to check out the extended drone mix of the cut wherein a spot of snow shimmered ice sculpturing has been whittled from the template. It gets better for ’in winter I’ll be free’ is a romance oozed slice of dream drift pop making shapes out star lit vapour trails whilst reference wise sitting somewhere between Dead Leaf Echo and Skywave. Those admiring of the dreamy serene minimalist lunar symphonies of inch time may do well to check out the shy eyed and sleepy headed orbital lullaby ‘touch a cloud’ while ‘byron (Aberdeen’s song)’ is a gorgeously dimpled forlornly sighing celestial love note, all said though ‘floating soul’ steals our vote as to our preferred moment which after a moment of cosmic noodling unfurls to reveal a woozy arabesque dappled hymnal slice of stately 60’s tweaked hypnotic pop that had us in mind of a studio love in between fuxa and sonic boom.

Regular visitors to these musings should by now be all to familiar with the latest Schizo Fun Addict album ’the sun yard’. officially released yesterday as a free download it side stepped its way into our affections which aside being their best outing to date also acquitted itself to eventually ending up as one of our treasured turntable moments of the year. Word has it that there will be a limited pressing of hard copy CD’s most o which will be given away as gifts for those early birds attending the forthcoming ’Crabstock’ event – links and details below. Before all that though news reaches us that the Schizo ones are still in a generous gift giving mood and have now decided to release one of ‘the sun yard’s’ best moments as freebie single backed by a previously unreleased track. One of the most immediate cuts from the aforementioned full length, we’ve already served notice that ‘awesome lovin’ is resplendently decorated in the smoking cool garb of a mid 90’s era Primal Scream albeit here trip wired into a mind warping lysergic spayed hallucinogenic paint bomb mantra by the added factoring of psychotropic essences derived from the sonic DNA of Fuxa. In short ultra cool. Over on the flip, itself proving to be no slouch in the wig flipping psych smoked stakes is ’narcosis fading’ – a freaky tripped out 70’s Technicolor dream coat oozing in blurring bliss kissed cosmic whispers and tranced out acid fried Moroder murmurs all sumptuously underpinned in subtle kraut grooved wooziness and sounding like an out there and flying Sonic Youth space cadet.

We’ve been for a rummage through band camp again, I know I know I’m aware there are prescribed tablets and corrective techniques to deter such things but in honesty it’s a playground of killer sounds and well worth spending a little time cherry picking your way through the weird and wonderful. The wonderful on this occasion happening to be from Vic Mars of which he describes his latest outing ’extended play for today – 1’ as electronic radiophonic british hauntology, beyond that the information runs a little cold but we’re assuming he’s located in Japan. A six track slice of time travelling tastiness taking you back to the golden age of space travel, flock wall paper and futuristic BBC Radiophonic crafted sound art not least as revealed on ‘kempston interface’ which ought to prick the ear of the ghost box loving types among you. In short what you have here is a wonderfully curated time capsule of retro signatures, the futuristic sci-fi tonalities of ‘the pylon people’ very much couched in ‘timeslip’ presets albeit here as though recoded by Goblin, somewhere else the acutely playful lunar pirouettes of ’arran avenue summer’ is lovingly teased in old school ISAN lullaby lilts while the dreamy cosmicalia of the teasingly brief ’peiriant amser’ is possessed of something you imagined fashioned on a Vangelis workbench. Further investigation is highly recommended.

Staying with band camp finds, an absolute colossal must have set if that is your listening loves extend to stuff emerging out of the weird imprint or if you happen to be sonically time locked into the 80’s DIY synth pop scene. This is the fourth collection in the ’bedroom cassette masters 1980 – 89’ series, the set available for download comes with detailed liner notes of all the featured tracks and artists and get this – for further vintage appeal – even gives you the option to print off your own cassette inlay card. How cool. Anyhow the set curated by Simon Holland – better known to the synth pop community as Carillion – promises a feast of lost bedroom grafted groove by 80’s folk all of whom I’m distressed to admit I’ve never heard of, on this the fourth volume of what we assume is an ongoing library series, sit 34 tracks culled from the continents. Alas time constraints prevent individual mentions – all the tracks admittedly deserving of exposure – but a rummage through the set reveals some interesting must hear finds. Laugh clown laugh’s ’tattoo’ owes much debt to a youthful Human League so much so that we swear they must have been cloning little Phil Oakey’s whilst programming their synths with early Depeche Mode presets. Those much loving of their sounds graced in the kind of statuesque chill pop that marries the cool clinical austere rush of Client with the frosted romance of Ex Post Facto might be well advised to seek out ‘proximity’ by Vile electrodes while if in need of something darker and more ceremonial like Laker-Herzog’s ‘tired’ is pure late 70’s Berlin post punk fused out of the body parts of Clock DVA and a particular sinister B-Movie. Regular observers of these musings will no doubt testify to our admiration of all things Wizards Tell Lies which in many respects was why the implicit order’s ‘the fear’ found itself elevated skywards in our affections, of course those with an eye for thee things will duly note that this lot have graced these pages in previous dispatches though here on this occasion teamed up with Mary Shelley (not the writer I suspect) for a brooding and foreboding slab of industrial futuro groove that wouldn’t look to far out of place on a John 3:16 release if that is he ever met the revolutionary corps of teenage Jesus in a studio face off. Horizon 200 stump up some lost 60’s Gerry Anderson / space spy theme kookiness for ‘protect and survive’ while a silver age’s ‘the fourth man’ is surely an old John Foxx b-side that has somehow been removed from our memory banks while seamless link time the fourth man’s ‘dare’ is so Front 242 it comes clutching paternity test results. Broken machine films present round up the collection with the enigmatic vapour trailed celestial dream drone of ‘space for the prize’ which by our reckoning should satiate the minimalist loving space cadets among you. Here’s to volume 5. http://www.bedroomcassettemasters.bandcamp.com/album/bedroom-cassette-masters-1980-89-volume-four

Out via heaven hotel presents shortly and distributed by Jezus Factory is – I think I’m right in saying – the debut full length from Angels Die Hard who feature among their core three piece line up – a trio of souls from Strumpets, so basically Strumpets with a different name and a different sound aided and abetted by a gathering of friends among whom includes Rudy Trouve. Recorded in 4 days in Antwerp, this self titled gem named after an obscure biker movie from the early 70’s features eight instrumentals whose collective mission is it seems to take you on a journey across the globe and beyond. Superbly crafted and delicately balanced between the murmured and the monolithic ‘blue mamba’ opens proceedings. Hypnotic ethnic earth beat motifs. snake charming Arabesque mantras, there’s something post rockian Quickspace about its wares that’s weaved around a subtle spectral spy themed coda that could have easily been prized by a long forgotten and lost John Barry score for a would be aborted late 60’s TV show. ‘unga dunga’ is a pure balalaikian bitches brew, unwieldy, frenetic and frantic, its shape shifts with acutely cute angular poise dashed upon skin prickling art pop posies. Freefalling into Tape Cuts Tape territories there’s something darkly seductive about ’a walk in the black forest’ with its locked groove whiter funk fractures and woozy Theremins erupting into howling cyclonic masses of wiring kraut-ian jazz goo as though carved from the remnants of an echo boy / add N to X face off. Side b opens with some seriously old school cosmic prog in the guise of ’fruhstuckstelle’ – a hulking interstellar odyssey where the legendary sounds capes of Neu, Amon and tangerine all converge, crystallise and collapse into a glorious sun bursting star symphony. And do we detect the subtle tonalities of ‘I wanna be your man’ loosely threaded between the grooves of ‘tropical hibernation’ I should say – a riff rumbling Dale-esque twang twister much adoring we suspect of the shadowy men on a shadowy planet. And then its earthbound for the alluring far eastern framed ‘angels across the pacific’ which after some gorgeously ornate and serenely spliced bowed instrumentations goes all heads down for a spot of fuzz buzzed beatnik groove. Best of the set comes with the parting ‘the lonely angel’ – forlorn, beautiful and bruised, this sighing lovely is possessed of the sensitivity of John Williams and the opining majesty of the Grails.

Video for ‘unga dunga’…..

Long out of print and shortly due for re-issue on the esteemed lion productions imprint is Santa Y Su Gente’s 1974 set ‘urgent’ – a smoking cool slab of sumptuously airy and floral Chilean jazz lounge – here’s a cut from said set entitled ‘una nueva vida’…

If like me and nothing gets the pulse quickening like a shot of killer surf twang then allow me to introduce you to Goggle A who hail from Japan and have just sneaked out a killer 8 track beach twisting dandy by the name of ‘sayonara summer hootenanny’. this babe comes via the green cookie imprint all pressed up on 10 inches of heavy duty wax and strictly limited to just 300 copies. As to Goggle A they collectively craft lost sounds that imagine a 50’s golden age of bubblegum pop, among these rapido riff rifled groove you’ll encounter the carefree summer sun innocence of the Beach Boys and Jan and Dean all carefully studded to the back of ’Karen’s’ leathers while ‘go go girl and twist boy’ is kissed with the strut cool of the phantom surfers. Elsewhere ‘tokio duck dive’ is needle threaded to a killer Mexicana shake down that recalls the los straitjackets while ’steerrin fun fun’ is just pure roadster buzz pop cutting shapes in the sand. All said best of the set is the parting ’Yazora no hoshi’ – a slamming punch you in the face slab of garage rumble that has more than a subtle whiff of Johnny Kidd and the Pirates about its wares. http://www.greencookierecords.bandcamp.com/album/sayonara-summer-hootenanny

I can tell you now that of all the Christmas messages received here, not counting a delightful seasonal postcard from Scary Cherry and the bang bangs whose ‘girl’ album pops up later this missive, was a note from Mikee formerly of sonic terrorists Tayside Mental Health informing us of new recordings afoot via a new project Medieval Teeth. Now old school readers of these musings will no doubt be shuddering and I dare say making a bolt for the nearest place of safety / sanctuary at the mere mention of Tayside Mental Health. For was it not they that set ablaze these musings once upon a time with their incendiary assault of skree gouged power electronics. Releases came thick and fast from the esteemed and much missed scotch tapes imprint. Apart from a limited outing by you don’t masturbate – a short lived off shoot – which if I recall where every bit as ear shredding as Tayside – things have been a tad quiet on the TMH front. Until now that is. Released via the Vatican Analog imprint ’a new tapeworm diet’ is a study in micro sound, here you’ll find the strange and the surreal rubbing shoulders with the harsh and the harmonic, across fourteen suites Mr Gordon applies the trademark precepts of old – manipulating of sonic cycles (’horsemen‘), warping of sound waves, extreme distortion and the degrading of sound frequencies, though on this occasion its done in a more considered and measured way so as to appear more accessible to those whose comfort zone on the noise spectrum is somewhat centralist. that’s not to say that ’a new tapeworm diet’ doesn’t have it moments of flippant fright wigged awkwardness both ’burlap blues’ with its scuzzed burnt belches impishly navigates a no wave oddness while ’lunch time botox’ is pure drone psychosis that sounds not unlike an extreme EAR experiment hoodwinked by Atari Teenage Riot. Somewhere else ‘tropical ulcer’ whilst not being the hallmark nails down a blackboard extremity of his former charges does sound like a nightmarish dental visit. ‘love stench’ extent its palette to veer Radiophonic spheres albeit abruptly dissected and recalibrated by Autechre The dubtronic technoid bit blip of ‘digital goat on triangle mountain’ is as weird and wired as anything you’ll find on the tigerbeat6 catalogue. If anything the stricken with menace ‘small horns’ is enough to elicit shivers given its adorned in a creping macabre while the radio friendly titled ‘my head is a shithole’ is a warping slice of ambient kookiness that in truth wouldn’t look to far out of place on the much beloved bearsuit imprint with ‘wizzleteat’ pursuing fast with the same distractively wiring that might well easily pass for a cassette recording of the Barron’s ‘forbidden planet’ soundtrack foolishly left out on a ledge and subjected to sun baking. That said there’s an almost comical Clangers like vibe ruminating about ‘Cancer Piano’ which soon sheds its skin to emerge as a sweetly demurring chime choreographed lunar lullaby before rupturing and splintering into a darkly foreboding Dadaist skree squeal. Very strange indeed.

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