erotic market

Have to admit that we’ve been more than a little taken by this off centred and flirty nugget since it dropped our way over the weekend, a bit like imagining how Cobra Killer would sound had they decided to be a little more playful and frisky. ‘blahblahrians’ is the debut full length from Erotic Market, essentially a French duo Marine and Lucas who in former lives where N’Relax who in a three year existence released two albums attracting affectionate acclaim. Now re-branded ’blahblahrians’ finds them coming from a strange place located on the outer regions on the great pop axis occupying a decidedly kooky space that appears at ease and fully fluent in birthing new pop hybrids from out of cross wired melodic mutations which all said probably won’t serve to be the strangest and most experimental thing you’ll hear all year though will win hands down by a clear margin the vote for the most playful. For what you have hear is a trip wiring smorgasbord, a musical magpie mosaic if you like picked and stirred up of a cocktail of crooked synth signatures, post punk electronics, wiry hip hop species, new wave artiness and tripping tropicalia trims which to these ears sounds like the kind of stuff that the Manimal imprint was kicking out with gusto c. 2009 and whose sonic bloodline can trace its direct descendants back to the Knife’s self titled debuting Rabid released outing (as clearly evidenced on the uber freaky ‘are u cool?) with its godmother / godfathers and various siblings being gathered from a family tree populated by such folk as lene lovich, the native hipsters (nailed by the skittish and fried ‘bitchy muses‘), au pairs (the free flowing and tripping soft soul smokiness of ’I want to be some booty’ being the prime example) and devo. ’retro retardo’ opens proceedings jabbing your stereo space with acute angular combinations swooned in mutant dub steps and old school technoid minimalism, from therein your hooked, snared and reeled in left jaw dropped awe as the duo freefall with impish seduction flipping wigs as they catch a hold on the true spirit of punkoid electronica. Somewhere else the booming dislocated motifs peppering the grooves of ’blah blah’ playfully paws and scratches at the tom tom club had that is the tom tom club been possessed of attitude and a wiring appreciation of detuned slacker tonalities while the wayward and woozy ’DDDDrunk’ manages to stumble and stagger its way into the kooky pop palace of princess Chelsea. All said we here are adoring of the mischievous ’it’s a breaking’ which reaches straight back into the whole late 70’s Delta 5 / Flying Lizards scene though here sultrily rephrased through the Cobra Killer viewfinder. File under lovably wonky, warped and deeply fried. out via jarring effects.

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