I’ll be honest with you, for the last 5 minutes we’ve been checking for signs of made in Sweden with this ‘un given its kissed with the kind of hushed mellowing mercurial majesty that seems to attach to most platters leaving Scandinavian shore lines these days. Seems not however for mountainear are a trio hailing from London (I’m still suspecting there’s a Scandinavian link here somewhere) who arrive here with a debuting single ‘distant camps’ tucked firmly under their collective arm. Admittedly not the kind of thing that’s going to have you dancing erratically in the aisles and even less so immediate on impact, instead rather more a slow burner that’s likely to have you drawing close to your sound player as its twinkle set shy eyed ice crystals delicately thaw and arrestingly tease to blossom into a most captivating clock working celestial carnival haloed in heavenly choruses and speckled in the kind of fuzzy inner warmth that usually besets a snow showered winter scene. Demurring stuff.

Video goes like this…..

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