Monumental, majestic and moving are three descriptors that readily spring quickly to mind upon hearing the self titled EP cut ‘fast changes ’from dream popping shoegazey post rockers Kamara – oh and you could do with throwing in magnificent while you are there. Quietly epic and seductively teased amid a glacial murmuring that thaws with the frost tipped classicism that once upon a time heralded the arrival of a sound that was to become a Sigur Ros signature, ’fast changes ’literally freewheels the spectrum of emotional tides sweetly embraced with the bruising of the Aloof and the stratospheric radiance of the Workhouse and the storm etching of Inch Blue  to coalesce and burn out to delicately  adjourn matters  with the Church. Arresting.  https://soundcloud.com/wearekamara/fast-change    

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