Damn this has been causing some serious damage since appearing on our listening radar, one side of a collaborative split release from the Aagoo and goodbye boozy sound houses, this particular track ripped from Wand’s side of the equation – the other side features Inutili who regular observers of these pages may recall we raved mucho about when their colossal ‘music to watch the clouds on a sunny day’ opus kicked our stereo to splinters. Anyhow alas we only have the Wands side (missives of a begging nature have been duly dispatched) – and what a beast it is.’self hypnosis in three days’ is a right royal head kick – fuzzed out bubble groove which initially cuts a dash with some neatly wayward Ramones vibes before dropkicking itself and imploding into a sweetly hazy slab of acutely skewed glam gashed fried and schizophrenic freaky psych pop which amid the gouging buzz drilled motifs we swear we hear the hazily glazed after burns of a shock treated and youthful Of Montreal losing their minds. The absolute danders in short.  https://soundcloud.com/aagoo/wand-self-hypnosis-in-three

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